On American Crime Season 3 Episode 4, Luis is heartbroken to learn what happened to Teo while Sahe fights for the right to abort her unborn child.

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Luis' search for Teo comes to a tragic end on American Crime Season 3 Episode 4. He finds out that the cops found Teo's body in the river. The body itself is gone; he is offered Teo's ashes if he wants them. Luis calls his wife, Anna, but doesn't tell her that Teo is dead. He hangs up when she talks about how they are going to treat Teo when he comes home.

Heartbroken and angry, Luis heads back to the farm where he confronts Isaac and shoots him, then throws the gun in the same river where Teo was killed. Then he heads home towards Anna.

Meanwhile, Jeanette finds out that Laurie-Anne won't let JD see his father. She and Carson confront Laurie-Anne, but Laurie-Anne claims JD had been drinking and implies that Jeanette is unwilling to see how his addiction is ruining everything. Carson and Laurie-Anne both act dismissively towards Jeanette.

Kimara attempts to help Shay, who wants an abortion. Sha is required to get a waiver from a judge, who tries to force her to contact her parents. Eventually she is told she can have an abortion if she has an ultrasound first. She and Kimara hear the baby's heart at the ultrasound appointment.

Coy is desperate to get off the farm after getting beaten up, but he doesn't have the money to do so. He gets pain pills for his injuries and takes the whole bottle.

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On American Crime Season 3 Episode 4, Jeanette tries to plead her case about the working conditions in the fields, and Luis learns about the fate of his son.

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American Crime Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Shae: I want an abortion.
Kimara: Okay. Have you ever had one before?
Shae: Yes.
Kimara: Where?
Shae: In DC.
Kimara: Okay. How far along are you?
Shae: I'm not really sure.
Kimara: Okay. I know someone at the courthouse. I can talk to her about getting you in.
Shae: Getting me in?
Kimara: The procedure needs to be approved.
Shae: You mean in court?
Kimara: You're underage. You need to get a waiver from a judge or permission from your parents. You wanna call them?
Shae: I didn't have to do all this in DC. I just went to Planned Parenthood.
Kimara: You're not in DC anymore. This is North Carolina.

Cop: Tell us about Teo.
Luis: Teo is my son. He is 17. He likes to laugh. I used to worry that people wouldn't take him serious, that he would get into trouble for messing around too much. But he just likes to make people happy.
Cop: That isn't what I meant. I meant, does he have any scars, tattoos or distinguishing marks we can use to help identify his body?