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Nancy tells Wednesday and Shadow the story of Bilquis, the goddess of sex/love. In 1979 Tehran, her power begins waning when terrorists attack. She leaves for America, but the AIDS crisis further restricts her powers when there’s less free love. She winds up on the streets and sees a news report about her temple in Yemen being destroyed. Technical Boy comes to her and offers the option to take her worship online. He sets her up with an online dating profile.

In the present, Nancy makes suits for Wednesday and Shadow. Shadow is pissed off at Wednesday for having killed Vulcan. Nancy warns Wednesday that he’ll have pissed them off for killing Vulcan. Wednesday is unconcerned and intends to get a goddess to their side.

Shadow has another weird prophetic dream where he climbs through a wall of skulls and encounters the White Buffalo with flaming eyes.

Wearing their new suits, Wednesday and Shadow arrive in Kentucky at an estate with a tun of bunny rabbits roaming around. They form a barrier in the road, and Wednesday casually runs them over. They arrive at Easter’s estate where she is having a fancy Easter party. White Jesus casually greets Shadow. Easter isn’t thrilled to see Wednesday.

Shadow finally realizes that there are gods everywhere at the party, including Jesuses, Virgin Mary, and others. Shadow is charmed by Easter and vice versa. Easter insists that she hasn’t been forgotten, but Wednesday points out that people who celebrate Easter aren’t really celebrating her, they’re celebrating Jesus. White Jesus overhears that and feels badly about it.

Wednesday tries to turn Easter against the New Gods, telling her that they killed Vulcan.

Technical Boy appears to Bilquis and accuses her of having ignored him when she ignores his calls. He tells her that she owes him and he’s calling it in, telling her to point her powers in a certain direction.

Laura and Mad Sweeney arrive in Kentucky at Easter’s home in the busted ice cream truck, Laura having tracked Shadow using her extrasensory perception of him.

Shadow has a discussion with White Jesus about belief. Shadow is still unable to believe everything that has happened, partially thinking it’s all just a vivid dream.

Wednesday tries to convince Easter to withhold the harvest, starving people into submission in order to get them to pray to her.

Laura, in Easter’s house, coughs up maggots and starts seriously decomposing. Easter confronts Mad Sweeney about having brought a dead girl into her house. Sweeney tries to convince Easter to do him a favor and bring Laura back to life. Easter quizzes Laura about how she feels and agrees to “re-life” her, but first they need to find out why she was dead to begin with. Easter looks into Laura’s eyes and sees the last thing that she saw at the moment of her death — Mad Sweeney.

Easter tells Laura that she can’t help her, because she was dead by a god and that’s something she personally can’t undo (implying someone else can).

Laura tortures Sweeney into telling her who killed her. He admits that he killed her but refuses to tell her which god gave the orders. Sweeney admits that it was Wednesday who killed her, sacrificed. Wednesday also intervened and screwed up Laura’s perfect robbery plan, getting Shadow sent to prison. Sweeney explains that Wednesday needed Shadow in a place where he’d already lost everything.

Media arrives in the guise of Judy Garland and is familiar with Easter. Easter tries to distract her from realizing that Wednesday and the others are there.

Wednesday tells Shadow that the New Gods are at Easter’s.

Media realizes that Wednesday is there.

Technical Boy and Media confront Wednesday and Shadow. Mr. World appears and tells Wednesday that there isn’t going to be a war. If they fight, the New Gods will win. If they don’t fight, they will wait Wednesday out and he will die off.

Wednesday conjures lightning and kills the faceless henchmen, dedicating their deaths to Easter. He asks if Shadow has faith and reveals himself to be Odin. He implores Easter to reveal her powers as well, and Easter causes all the crops to wither and die.

Wednesday tells the New Gods to tell the people that they’ve taken Spring and will return it when they pray for it. Mr. World tells Wednesday that he has his war, and that it will be the war he dies in. Shadow finally believes everything. Laura interrupts, asking for a word with her husband.

On a bus headed towards the House on the Rock, Bilquis gets a man to follow her into the bathroom to have sex with him and consume him.

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American Gods Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

There’s no end to the cruelty of men threatened by strong women.

Mr. Nancy

Mr. Nancy: Let me tell a goddamn story! I got a good one. Real good. Once upon a time… See? It sounds good already. You’re hooked.
Mr. Wednesday: Just get on with it already.