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Mrs. Fedeo is cooking dinner. She's poised on a stool that should have fallen, but did not. Or did it? Death knocks at the door. She's gone.

It is a Muslim home. Why is Annibus coming for her? She was once a little girl and heard stories of Egypt. For that she will be taken to the scales. She asks him to taste her perfect sauce knowing her family will not. He agrees. Perfection.

Her hairless cat follows her to the afterlife, to the scales. Annubis puts one feather on one scale and rips her heart out for the other. She tried her best, she says. Her best was good.

She's taken before five doors. Each will take her to the dued (?) which has many worlds. She doesn't want to go to the one with her father. She can't choose, though. She asks for him to choose for her. He does, and she approches the open door, questioning her choice. Her cat pushes her inside and walks away with Annubis.

Shadow is dreaming on Czernobog's couch. The sister who was sleeping is on top of a roof is looking through a telescope at the Big Dipper. The Three Sisters watch the sky all day and all night. If he escapes the thing in the stars, it will be catastrophe.

She offers to do his fortune. Virgins give the best fortunes. He has nothing. But he's on a path to everything. She wonders if he sold his head to Czernobog.

You keep selling your life, don't you?

He imagines she gives him the moon for protection. He's already had the sun itself, but gave it away. He cannot give away the moon or he will lose protection for always.

Shadow goes into Czernobog's room and offers another game of checkers. New stakes. See, he things ol' Czern is so old and it's been so long since he took a swing with his hammer that he can't kill Shadow without his bolt gun.

This time, if he wins he can take a second swing. But if he loses, he'll go on the trip with them and still take one swing at the end anyway.

Wednesday and Phyllis kiss, kicking up quite a storm outside. She wonders what he has done.

She can taste him in the rain. He says she can also taste war.

Czernobog is going on the road. then he's going to kill Shadow.

Wednesday tells Shadow they're going to rob a bank.

Sweeney has the beer bottle shot right out of his mouth and while walking on the side of the road is picked up by a nice guy who gets a pipe through the head from a truck in front of him.

Sweeney waits for the police, and when a dude says, "that's some crazy bad luck," rifles through the gold coins in his pockets. No! Something important is missing.

A very kind salesman gets no respect, ending his very long day by getting into the cab of an old god whose eyes burn flames. When the cab driver falls asleep, the salesman wakes him, his glasses fall off and the salesman spots him, sharing a story from his grandmother about genies.

They make a connection and maybe, just maybe the genie granted him a wish although he can't grant them at all. When a girl gets into his cab, the genie gets out of the cab and the men find comfort in each other in a room upstairs.

The genie passed on his genieness to the other dude.

Shadow and Wednesday are robbing a bank. They go get some signs and business cards. Wednesday wants snow and asks Shadow to think about it until it snows.

Shadow can't wrap his head around making it snow.

Mad Sweeney shows up while they're eating in a restaurant. He gave Shadow his lucky coin. He needs it back.

Wednesday's plan to rob the bank is to gather the money to be deposited when he puts out of order signs on the ATM machine and bank deposit box.

Shadow gets the call and pulls it off magnificently. He even kind of enjoys it, getting into character as Andy at the security company.

Shadow and Wednesday almost hit a wolf and discuss dreams and delusions.

Mad Sweeney digs down to Laura's coffin, which appears to have a peephole in it. That's because Laura is in Shadow's room.


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Kissing is disgusting, but in a nice way, like bleu cheese or brandy.


Are you sure I do this with you? Follow the wrong god, I do not see my Tita again. [the cat pushes her inside]

Mrs. Fedeo