Gassing Up - American Gods Season 2 Episode 3
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After the train derails, Mr. Wednesday and Mad Sweeney collect up the pieces of Laura Moon (still talking) and stow her in the trunk of Betty, the Cadillac, newly re-formed. They leave Shadow. 

Shadow emerges from the wreck, stumbles into a field, and passes out in a fountain.

Mr. Ibis is reconstructing Laura from her pieces. Wednesday wants her to come with him to find Argus while Sweeney argues she should go with him to the Baron in New Orleans. She chooses Wednesday.

Sweeney has a hard time getting to New Orleans until he gets picked up by a Christian rock band tour bus.

Shadow wanders into a gas station and gets a ride from Sam Blackcrow to Cairo.

In Blackbriar, Mr. World summons New Media and introduces her to Technology Boy.

Wednesday takes Laura to Argus' headquarters where he kills a cow that then transforms into a woman. He takes a token off her body and they leave. Next, they burn a library. They find Argus being courted by New Media. Wednesday send Laura to kill Argus. Technology Boy lets her. His death recharges her coin and restarts her heart. Wednesday leaves her there. 

Salim and The Jinn arrive at the Corn Palace to find Iktomi and Odin's spear.

Shadow arrives at Mr. Ibis' funeral parlor in Cairo and confronts Wednesday. Wednesday promises he'll feel better in the morning.

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American Gods Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Mr. Ibis: You've changed since I last worked on you. The first time we met, you didn't believe in anything. But now? Well, it's definitely something.
Laura: I believe in Shadow.

Sweeney: You sure you want to leave the oaf?
Wednesday: Am I the only one who has faith in Shadow?
Sweeney: My faith is waning.
Wednesday: The quickest way for Shadow to get where he's going is sometimes the longest.