The Temple of Media - American Gods Season 2 Episode 4
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A story of a boy who creates a program to compose music as Bach did illustrates the origin of Technical Boy.

Shadow dreams of a woman who makes love to him and scratches his back. When he wakes up, his wounds are healed except for the scratches on his back. 

Wednesday and Shadow head to St. Louis. Bilquis arrives at the Funeral Home for Shadow but finds Mr. Nancy instead.

Mr. World is upset by the loss of Argus and orders Technical Boy to restore his sight. 

Wednesday and Shadow meet Mama-Ji in St. Louis where they are looking for Money who sends a trio of Girl Scout-like heralds to screen for credit checks on Wednesday and Shadow. Shadow's lack of credit & debit history denies them access.

Technical Boy visits the boy, now a man, from the origin story. He now runs a major tech company and Technical Boy reminds him that all devices are now eyes on the world but he wants proof. Mr. World arrives and presents New Media. The worshipper changes teams and Technical Boy is archived. Money's heralds approach Mr. World and his access is granted. He is brought face-to-face with Wednesday.

Mr. Nancy makes a pitch to Mr. Ibis and Bilquis about the state of their people in America.

Wednesday makes his pitch to Money and is turned down as too risky an investment.


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American Gods Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I translated all of Bach's cantatas into a database that wrote a program that segmented the notes into digital objects the way that Bach statistically attended to... But everything it created was mechanical, artificial. The real insight was in programming violations to predictable variations. I gave it permission to shatter the rules.


This is grief. And yet, the rising notes of joy, shattering his own rules. Can you hear it? This is how men like me pray.