Bilquis - American Gods Season 2 Episode 5
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Shadow dreams of the lynching of a black man for a white woman's death. When he wakes, he is haunted by the dead man.

Wednesday plants a sprig of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. He leaves to run errands without Shadow, telling him to spend the day with Mr. Ibis instead.

Mad Sweeney makes it to New Orleans where he passes out drunk. Laura finds him there. He takes her to the Baron.

The Jinn and Salim meet with Wednesday and the three head off with his spear to see the King of the Dwarves.

Mr. Nancy sees a man in Cairo about to make a drug buy. The buyer gets chased by the police only to see a living head burning on a pillar.

Mr. Ibis tells Shadow the story of the man in his dream, Will James.

Bilquis counsels Ruby when her reverend preaches patience.

Wednesday meets with Albus who tells him Gungnir needs her runes revived and he is not the rune expert.

The Baron makes a compact with Sweeney and Laura for her resurrection.

Mr. Nancy confronts Mr. Ibis while Jacquel leads Shadow into the past to speak with Will James.

At Grandma Goodchild's funeral, Shadow speaks Will James' truth.

In New Orleans, Laura and Sweeney have a fight and part ways.

Ibis, Wednesday, and Nancy have a drink. Shadow leaves out of frustration. Yggdrasil has grown quite a bit.

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American Gods Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Humans are dead longer than they're alive.

Mr. Ibis

Shadow: You know there's a bathroom, right?
Wednesday: Yeah.
Shadow: You're pissing on a plant.
Wednesday: On the World Tree? Don't be disgusting. How dare you?