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Cordelia is taking Wednesday across the US as he pines over the end of Demeter. Only when a burning man falls from the sky directly in front of the car does Wednesday consider speech, and even then, it takes a while.

Someone is watching them from the woods, but Wednesday moves her to the car, telling her to be quiet. You know it's serious when he takes the wheel.

The being comes out of the woods, and there is a vision of what I assume was Marilyn Manson's part as it looked like a concert poster being held in front of a robed fellow. A semi-truck barrels over the body, leaving it in tatters on the road.

Anne-Marie watches someone in front of the police station. It's Shadow, who appears to be weighing his options. He's looking for Derek at the cafe, but Derek was a no-show this morning. Anne-Marie got him skate rentals. Marguerite has offered lessons.

Shadow thinks he saw Derek doing something he shouldn't have, and he confides in Ann-Marie about what he saw the previous night. Anne-Marie thinks Derek's behavior is a cry for help. It's a tough decision either way, although she seemed impressed that he didn't ultimately go to Chad.

OK. So the morphing people are not Mr. World and only stand in for him. Salim and Laura are there chatting about how to kill Wednesday. Salim kills an ant that seems to have been important to Mr. World's people.

Shadow takes Chad to see Derek. Given what happened with Allison, it makes sense. And I guess it was her window he was seen dropping out of. Oh, no. Eleven houses. Shadow and Chad try to understand what his behavior is doing to the town, but he just wants to wear women's clothing.

Salim tries to talk Laura out of making a deal with the Gods that she cannot get out of. She's petulant but acquiesces.

Shadow spots Cordelia on the street. She's a mess, babbling about partly cloudy with a chance of human remains. She just discovered the reality of Odin being a thousand-year-old god. Shadow knows where she's coming from, and they wander off to talk about it.

Salim does some good negotiating, wanting a binding contract for his terms. Laura wants the protection to cover her, Salim, and Shadow Moon. But if she fails to follow through, then all three of them die. She accepts, which is hardly fair to Salim or Shadow.

Wednesday is thrilled that Shadow is OK and needs his help. A crazy bezerker is slaughtering Shadow's followers, and Wednesday wants him to go with them, but when Shadow balks, Wednesday can see the look of connection in Shadow's eyes and understands.

But Shadow says that if he needs him, really needs him; he only needs to call.

Wednesday gives Cordelia a choice, an out. But she wants to stick it out. Shadow is shocked. But she cannot go back to business as usual, knowing gods walk among us any more than Shadow can.

Mr. Ibis is writing in his book about Bilquis and how she came into being in her own mind and those of her followers. She's performing a ritual with stones, shells, and sand that reveals something that seems to be about Shadow's childhood, which perhaps could lead to the 1619 project, which has not been expunged from the program for its connections to sexual assault as Marilyn Manson's did. Hmmm.

Marguerite is teaching Shadow to skate. He asks her to dinner as a thank you for the lesson. He invites Leon, too, but she can go alone. His face says it's what he was looking for in the first place. She wants to try letting go, and he skates straight toward the klunker. Darkness fills the air, and he falls on the ice. Underneath, he sees an elephant and a gold coin, which materializes through the ice and slides over to the car.

Marguerite thinks he hit his head, but he swears he's fine.

Bilquis is at 1619. She keeps seeing images of an old woman glaring at her, and he's a visitor at the party. Her name is Eugenia.

Unfortunately, Eugenia has no idea why Bilquis is there, and she makes a fuss about being ill and wanting her damn plate of food. Others laugh at her.

But someone reaches out to her who looks a lot like one of the old gods she knew way back when, and then more women embrace her, asking her to grow closer to their community with a slice of cake.

Wednesday visits Gunter. They have a strange talk about eating goats and kids.

Whoever Wednesday is looking for isn't there, but the weirdo says he went to a dentist. Tyr?

Bilquis and Eugenia dance.

Johan is at Tyr's place. I guess Johan is a monster? He bears his teeth at Tyr.

Eugenia isn't ready to leave this life yet, but she was there with Shadow Moon when he was born. Odin was bound to these shores and bad for Shadow. Bilquis must find the other so that Shadow Moon can lead half of the people, and they can lead the other. If she does not, then these will be our last days.

Marguerite and Shadow are soaking in a hot tub. She says it would be cool to be in a snow globe, and he blows into the air, creating snow. She says it's kind of like he made that happen, and he calls it a parlor trick.

They're going to make love, and that's not a parlor trick.

Their sex must be hot because they're naked in the snow.

But now Shadow is in a snowstorm, pushing against the wind as someone on horseback arrives. Shadow is blown over and struggles to get up again, and bodies climb out of the snow. It's a nightmare.

Wednesday wants Cordelia to go back to the hotel and wait for him, but she wants to be included in all of it. He says no, but he will meet her for dinner when he's fucking starving. She gives him a phone that she can track from anywhere, and he thanks her for caring.

As soon as she's gone, he tosses the phone into the trash. Inside, there are bloodstains around, leading to absolute pools of it. Wednesday has a look on his face that says he's not pleased with what he sees. Someone has been eviscerated. It's a patient. Tyr is at Shadow's, asking him to join him at Wednesday's request.

Wednesday finds a note in the intestines.

Laura and Salim are on the road; Tech Boy is glitching, the residents of Lakeside are doing what they do, while a seal does a little fishing.

The note, the burning body, and Tyr's smile tie up the episode.

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American Gods Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Odin, find me a Wolf's Den with the son you hold most dear.


Salim: Back in my country, I was an excellent businessman. Allow me to negotiate the terms and conditions.
Laura: Uh, just out of curiosity, were assassination attempts your specialty?
Salim: No, of course not. But in Aman, a verbal contract is binding, and from everything I see here, it's the same with gods. Once the terms are set, they cannot be undone. Now is not the time to be impulsive.
Laura: Impulsive? Because I know what I want? This is not Oman, Salim. In America, women can drive cars. They even let us vote, and some of us can negotiate our own fuckin' deals.