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1951: The Peacock Inn

An Asian man needs help. Someone is there to kill him.

Agents are looking for what they call a pervert. Jimmy O'Roarke is among the officers. He made out with someone senior year who is now the woman standing before him.

Jimmy tells the others to take Tony's word for it. I assume it's Toni now.

Toni and her new guest talk about their similarities. She was going to shut the place down, so she's glad she didn't so that she could help this man.

The man has been looking for a new temple ever since he came to America. He's a Chinese god who protects homosexuals and wishes upon her all the good things.

When it's time to leave, he proves to her who he is by sending butterflied out of his mouth. The Peacock Inn is still in business, and Laura and Salim have just arrived.

It's the annual jamboree. People are fantastically dressed up.

Toni is still working the joint, and when they have to get a room to visit the bar where Laura can find Liam, Salim meets Kai. When Kai is ignored, he wonders if it's something he said, Laura says he's just forgotten how to have fun.

Shadow and Tyr have stopped for gas. Shadow tried calling Wednesday, but he couldn't get ahold of him. They're on the way to Wolf's Den. It's a roadside attraction, a place of power, Tyr says. The phone rings, and as he goes to answer, Shadow realizes he's been drugged.

When someone tried to help Shadow, Tyr rips out their throat. The phone continues to ring.

Salim cannot stop thinking about Jinn, cradling his sweater while laying on the round, vibrating bed.

Liam jolts at Laura's name. She wonders why her fucking name is a problem for her. He read her obituary. It's a long story, she says. And why on earth did he read her obituary? Because Liam was hired to kill her. When he said no, Wednesday took his lucky coin.

Liam won't help her steal from Sweeney's horde (?), and he won't be a part of violence, so it's a no all around.

Tech Boy is with World. She thinks he must be far gone to put his faith in the old guard. World's minions arrive with a transformer mask that sticks itself to his face.

Laura tells Liam everything. She swears on her graves it's true, but he needs the coin as payment. But if she thinks she's going into Sweeney's horde with him, well, she's mistaken.

Kai has the special touch on the still-vibrating bed. He wonders if Salim is homeless Jackson Pollack or lesbian Harry Potter. Nope, just Salim. There's a pansexual adventure, anywhere you can get your kinky boots on party later, and Kai would like Salim to attend with him.

Kai gives him a bracelet by way of invite. Laura bursts into their special moment.

Laura doesn't trust Liam, but Salim doesn't understand. Laura refuses to admit she fell in love with Sweeney. Salim thinks giving Liam the coin is worth the risk so that they can all remain alive. He realizes that letting go of Sweeney's ashes is necessary to let him go and move on. Like that butt ugly sweater, she retorts. Exactly, he says.

Tech Boy is in some scary cube in a straight jacket. But he's not. It's just his mind. he's on the conference room table.

Laura offers Liam the coin. Get the spear and bring it back or he doesn't get the coin and she becomes his worst fucking nightmare.

Laura's patience wears thin within 30 seconds of Liam's departure.

Shadow is in the freezing cold with those freaking ass people following him again, much like he saw at the lake. A man on a horse in Knight's gear offers his hand, and Shadow wakes up. They're in the Wolf Den. Tyr admits he's been killing Wednesday's followers.

Tyr is a god of justice. He's got a story to tell. Shadow hopes to know why he's being murdered. When he was lord of the gods, Loki unleashed something named Fenemere. Odin offered to put his hand into Fenemere's mouth, but Tyr offered himself, a sacrifice Wednesday used to belittle Tyr. Now, he'll have to pay a price.

Tech Boy is pacing the room, eventually coming face-to-face with a sense of Bilquis. He's angry. She didn't break him; she awakened him. Tech Boy knows inside that the head grabber isn't keeping him there; he's doing it himself. Tech Boy realizes that when he tries to repress a feeling, he glitches. But if he just lets them come and lets them go, then he'll overcome the glitching.

Tech Boy has to find artifact one to get World's boot off of his neck. Bilquis wonders if Tech Boy's fucking subconscious has to do everything for him. Then he reaches up and disengages the head grabber.

Liam wants to go to the party, but he doesn't feel comfortable. Toni wonders if Liam feels shame. She promises him he'll feel safe if he attends the party, and he reconsiders.

Salim escorts Toni inside. There are some big dicks in that room. Way too much time showing sex.

Kai wants to kiss Salim. They make out and while everyone is fucking and sucking, Salim gets a handi while some other guy gets his ass eaten. Then they fuck. It's Salim's turn to be on top.

Wednesday arrives to confront Tyr. Tyr wants Wednesday to submit to him, and he'll let Shadow go free. Wednesday offers his life in place of Shadow's. Wednesday says it's only by deception that Tyr bested him. They're transported to another dimension where Tyr and Wednesday are going to fight to the death, I suppose.

When Tyr has Wednesday on the ground, Shadow interferes. Tyr says that his interference means his life, and Wednesday comes up behind him, impaling him with his sword. They cook the bastard.

Wednesday says goodbye to shadow. His obligation has been served. Shadow is alone, fuck you-ing the world.

Salim is thrilled in the morning when Kai gets up. Laura comes in as they're saying goodbye, and Salim thanks the hot bellhop for fucking him.

At least one of them had a good night. Laura thinks that Liam fucked her over. Since she failed to get the spear, if she fucks it up, they'll be dead. So she wants Salim to stay here in this hotel where he'll be safe. She says she cares about him, and he says he loves her, too. She says he sees good in all the wrong places.

He's going to be strong, not running from himself anymore. Salim thinks it will be fine if God wills it. Salim has lost his sweater. She's proud.

Shadow is going back to Lakeside. Until he sees his mother swinging him in Florida poster. He's going to Jacksonville.

Laura scatters Sweeney's ashes, but not before apologizing to him for fucking everything up again. They were a couple of assholes together, and that's what she liked about him. OK, Fuck you, Goodbye are her parting words to her friend.

Liam drops down right behind her. Liam couldn't believe what a mess she sent him into. She's thrilled. She's going to kill Wednesday.

Salim goes under a bridge to pray.






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