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African Gods brought over to the New World with the enslaved carried their spirits through the troubled times.

Shadow wants to know what Technical Boy did to Bilquis. TB assures Shadow he did nothing and is there to find out what Bilquis did to him.

Shadow watches TB glitching, wondering, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Tech Boy thinks that whatever happened to Shadow is because of Bill Sanders. Shadow didn't even believe it, but there is a video. Homegirl has a way of making people disappear from time to time. He never left, which is why his phone is still here.

TB plays more video further enlightening Shadow what happened to Bilquis. It's quite the engagement between Bilquis and two stooges. She puts up one helluva fight, but she doesn't come out on top.

Alexandra Sanders has been leaving messages more and more desperate with each. Tech Boy is in no shape to argue, but he still does. It's detrimental to him.

Sanders' stooges want to know who Bilquis is working for. They're watching her pray in her cell.

A boy named David just rushed into the open mausoleum holding Mad Sweeney and Laura. Air circulates her ashes and we visit her in Purgatory, where she's thinking about Mad Sweeney, who someone points out sounds special to her.

Despite her lovely memories, she says he's the guy who killed her.

Wednesday and Cordelia are searching for information on someone. A crafty pinhead. So that they can rescue Demeter. They track down Shadow, who, with TB, has a fellow on his knees.

TB has no couth trying to get information from the guy on his knees, so Shadow decides to use TB as his influence. What's that stuff sprayin' out of his head, the guy wonders. This is coming for on-his-knees Mark unless he cooperates.

It turns out that Bilquis is in Hoboken in the building behind the lumber supply.

Ms. World is chatting with her pleebs. She finds Bilquis. And with that, she morphs back to Mr. World. He grabs his hat and heads for the elevator.

Laura is trying to get info on a song that played through the background of her childhood. She's asking the janitor for help, but as she's discussing it, blood drips into her ashes in the mausoleum, bringing her back to the land of the living.

Suddenly, she's naked on the floor. She tells the fellow that she is fresh from Purgatory. She's cold, she realizes. She's alive. She grapples with Sweeney's death.

Wednesday visits his Viking band friends. While he's chatting with one of them, Johan is creating mayhem. Dude wants Wednesday to calm down Johan. Wednesday is a living legend amongst this group. Wednesday takes Johan away and orders drinks for the masses.

Johan sometimes forgets the rules, he says. And he misses his bandmates. Wednesday reminds Johan might have been the person who killed them all.

They need disciples, so Johan needs to create a new band. But Johan stabs himself in the hand angrily. He did not kill them!! He pours a drink on himself and leaves the room.

World visits Bilquis in her cell. He's a little angry about Bill's sacrifice. World suggests things will get painful for her. Since they can't risk her becoming an intelligence asset to someone else, then something.

Cordelia is playing on her phone watching bikers when a bike explodes. It's Wednesday, making mayhem. He's brushing himself off and continuing to the car. He's stripping himself, and she just watches him walk thusly into traffic.

The phone rings at the gas station. It's Cordelia. Johan had blown up the biker bar, but Wednesday is kind of a nut. Shadow laughs at his circumstances. Shadow's got something going on, but she says he really needs to come. Please.

Bilquis relives her history of being adored and what she did with her devotees.

Her name was something I couldn't understand. She is she who has always been. More art over substance.

She's taken the music they're playing and making it her own. Her captors think they broke her, but it's the opposite.

Laura is eating everything, tasting for the first time in ages. She gets Sweeney's ashes, all of which somehow fit into a small box. She remembers him again with her song. She's torn about what Sweeney means to her.

She wants to figure out what the song is, so she's off. She enlists the advice of a small caravan. She sees something shining up on the hill. It's the Trick Stop Diner. She hoped it was Sweeney's gold coin, I think.

But, she finds a ride with a trucker. She's off to Hayroll, Illinois.



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American Gods Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

The founders believed in a creator, who endowed every individual with equality and freedom. America was conceived around that truth, and the Declaration was an oath to that creator, a solemn promise that this new government would ensure the divine rights of its citizens -- life, liberty, and a shot at happiness. But the new government was overrun with debt. Furious debate roiled the continental congress. God-given rights versus materialism. Commerce carried the day, and the young country was on its way to becoming the richest corporation in history. In the process, America betrayed its oath to the creator. Economic growth was spurred by the whip and remained in the hand of the slave masters and their investors. The wealth generated by King Cotton was everywhere. The nation now prayed at the altar of commerce, but the spirit did not abandon those who had been enslaved, who brought their African gods with them to the new world.


Shadow: What the hell is wrong with you.
Tech Boy: I told you. Bilquis fucked be up. I need her to unfuck whatever it is that she did to me.