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Ruby kills the maid in the house and then shares a bath with Scarlett.

They speak about the past and Ruby opens up about her parents selling her to a fake uncle who physically assaulted her.

Ruby revealed she was a ghost and that she wanted Scarlett to be there forever with her.

Ruby said she killed herself in the house, but the realtor set the suicide note on fire and buried her corpse outside.

The four teenagers want to kill Scarlett, and with Halloween approaching, they want to do it outside the house so she can't be with Ruby.

Ruby warns them off killing her, telling them she will peel their faces off every single day.

Ultimately, Ruby kills Scarlett's parents and Scarlett realizes she wants to take time away from the house, but vows to return every year.

Scarlett leaves and kills the man who abused Ruby, but when she returns, she's drastically different.

Her fathers are parenting the teenage ghosts in the house, but it doesn't seem like any of the other ghosts are present.

They are not on screen as everyone else parties away.

Scarlett returns one day and Ruby is happy to see her girlfriend, even if it's only for a short time.

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This is not just shame and pain. This is violence.


Kill yourself then we can be together forever.