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A LOT went down this week. To wit:

- We learned that owners of the house in the 1920s practiced some seriously messed up stuff, specifically dangerous abortions in the basement. Hence the haunting down there, we assume? The dead wife also paid Vivien a visit, with viewers seeing a gunshot wound in the back of her head. She acted like she was interested in buying the home, but disappeared quickly.

We later saw her hovering over Vivien's stomach while Vivien slept.

- We also flashed back and saw Constance shoot Moira for sleeping with her husband. In present day, we see Moira complaining to Constance about how she doesn't want to be stuck in this world anymore.

- Hayden shows up and threatens to tell Vivien about the baby of Ben's she's still carrying. But Larry actually kills her with a shovel and has Ben bury the body in the backyard. As Larry is digging a hole, we appear to notice a body down there already, in a maid uniform. Ben then completes the deed and pours cement over the grave, adding a gazebo on top of it.

- The Harmons want to move, but can't because Ben has all the money tied into the house. Vivien is also advised by her doctor to remain in the home because stress - or something else? - caused blood to build up between her legs. It was only spotting, but Vivien fears another miscarriage.

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