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- In 1971, Fiona killed her mentor, the previous Supreme before her in order to take over as the new Supreme. Spaulding was there and saw the killing. As the new Supreme flowers, the previous Supreme dies and loses their powers. Madison begins to exhibit the powers of the Supreme called Mastery of the Seven Wonders. Under the pretense of helping groom her, Fiona tests Madison to see if she is the next Supreme. Fiona has cancer and pretends to want Madison to kill her like she killed her mentor. Instead, Fiona kills Madison.


- Zoe visits Kyle's mother. Her phone call prevented his mother from committing suicide. Zoe wants to return Kyle to his mother, but Misty doesn't want him to leave. When he rejects Misty, Zoe takes him home and leaves him on the doorstep. His mother realizes that something is different about his body. She had an unhealthy relationship with him and molested him. When she questions him about Zoe and tries to get close to him again, Kyle bludgeons her to death. Zoe returns to see him and finds his mother dead and Kyle covered in blood.


- Madame LaLaurie does not adapt well to the modern age. She's shocked to see that America has a black president. Fiona makes her a maid, but she refuses to serve Queenie her meal. Fiona won't have that and forces Madame LaLaurie to be Queenie's slave. While making Queenie's food, Madame LaLaurie sees something outside. It's her houseboy, the minotaur. Queenie lures him away and then wants to bond with him over being called beasts. Instead of having sex with her, he grabs her covers her mouth from behind.


- Cordelia goes to Marie Laveau for a fertility treatment after her own magic didn't work and the doctor said there was a problem with her blood. Marie explains the horrific process and asks for $50,000 which Cordelia agrees to. Marie laughs at her and refuses to help her given she's Fiona's daughter. Cordelia is crushed.

American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

What's the matter? Cat got your tongue.


As I get stronger, you get weaker.