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Misty, Madison, Zoe and Queenie take the Seven Wonders test to determine the next Supreme. During the test, Misty dies when she gets lost on the other side. Then, Zoe gets impaled by a fence while playing transmutation tag. Queenie's not able to revive Zoe. Madison believes she's the next Supreme. She revives a fly instead of Zoe.

Myrtle realizes that Cordelia is likely the next Supreme. She takes the tests and revives Zoe. Meanwhile, Kyle kills Madison for letting Zoe remain dead. Spalding helps him bury Madison.

Cordelia becomes the next Supreme with Zoe and Queenie by her side. She goes public about the Coven and the Academy. Many girls show up to attend the Academy.

Myrtle tells Cordelia that she needs to be burned at the stake for killing the two Council members. She complies and Myrtle dies.

A near-death, but alive Fiona shows up after she faked her own death. Fiona and Cordelia have final moment together and Fiona dies in her mother's arms.

The Academy re-opens to new girls and the Coven survives.

American Horror Story
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