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On American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Episode 9, Dandy visits Maggie for a reading about his recent indiscretions. Jimmy sees Dandy leaving the camp and confronts him about the twins and the fact that he was the second clown. Dandy vows revenge on Jimmy and the freaks.

Elsa and Stanley find the Tattler sisters and tell them the townspeople are coming for the freaks and they aren't safe. When Dot doesn't believe Elsa, Elsa tells her the doctor who separated the Brodie twins is on the way to Jupiter. It's a ruse of Stanley's so that he can kill the girls and sell them to the museum.

The Tattler sisters have a heart to heart about what the surgery they believe is coming will mean for the both of them.

After fighting with Maggie, Jimmy goes to a women's Tupperware party in town to offer up his services. He hallucinates his mother and is asked to leave. Dandy arrives with plans to liven up the party. The homeowner's husband arrives to find the bodies floating in the pool.

Regina arrives just as Dandy is about to take a blood bath. He asks her to take a bath with him and she refuses. He lets her leave shouting that he is above the law. When she returns with the police, Dandy handles the officer with finesse.

Desiree's old beau arrives at camp. Dell plans to leave the freak show but he encounters Stanley who tells him Andy won't be returning to the High Noon. Stanley exposes his own secret to Dell which prompts Dell to consider suicide. As he nears the noose, he also hallucinates Ethel who encourages him to go through with it.

Bette and Dot visit Jimmy at the camp just before the police arrest him for the housewife murders.

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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Dot: I am so tired of this life of ours, Bette. This infinite, intolerable arranged marriage. Aren't you tired of it? And I don't want you dead. I don't. I just never dreamed it might be possible for one of us to live a normal life.
Bette: Mother refused to buy us lace-up shoes cause she insisted we'd never be able to tie them. But we spent hours working it out until we finally cracked it. Same with needlepoint. There was nothing we could not work through when we put our heads together. No one can understand our burden. You and I have endured a life that would have driven most people mad, but to me, it's been a gift, really. We've been given the opportunity to really love another person. To love them as you love yourself. And love is about sacrifice. It's answering the question how much would you give for the health and happiness of the one you love.

Dandy: I cannot begin to tell you how it felt. The kind of control over their lives. Their trust, their fear, their pain, their confusion. I believe I am living my destiny. I'm finally happy, Regina.
Regina: Well, good for you. They're not.