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Alex adjusts to her new, infected life on American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5 Episode 5. She tries to return to work but discovers it difficult to keep up with the demands of her job and her insatiable bloodlust. She steadies herself with a meal from the blood bank and then tries to heal her patient by infusing his medicine with her blood.

Donovan takes his mother to visit Ramona Royale. He offers Iris up as an inside man to take down The Countess. Iris is not adjusting well to having been infected and fears she won't be up to the challenge. Liz recognizes the signs of maladjustment and pours Iris a drink. 

The boy Alex saved kills both of his parents before running out the door to go to school where he gives his entire class the measles and murders his teacher and principal to she can infect them all with the virus. The entire school is put into lockdown trapping everyone inside with the children.

John's superior questions him about his story of dinner with a table full of murderers. He wants to rip the Hotel Cortez apart to find the secrets buried inside. Instead, he's fired.

A pair of Halloween-hating travelers check into the hotel. They want a discount for being "influencers." They're rude to Iris and she has trouble accepting it. On their way out to a Halloween party, the Countess and Tristan notice Iris for the first time.

Iris and Liz bond over their mutual distaste for the visitors and we learn Liz's history and how she came to live at the Hotel Cortez. In the 80s, Liz lived as a man, traveling on business as a pharmaceutical rep. The Countess found him and transformed him. She encouraged him to walk to the end of the hall where he was discovered by his coworkers and shamed. He became the Countess' employee and has been at the Hotel Cortez ever since.

Iris brings the hipster couple their food and murders them.

John wakes up at the hotel in bed next to Sally. When he tries to throw her out, saying he doesn't remember any of it, she gets angry and calls him a liar before telling him that she's his destiny.

After dumping the hipsters' bodies down the chute, Liz and Iris toast to finding life in death.

The Countess appoints Alex as the children's new governess.

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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Iris: You don't miss a thing do you?
Liz: You see everything when the world doesn't see you.

Oh, honey. Goddesses don't speak in whispers. They scream.

Countess [to Liz]