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As American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5 Episode 10 begins, Liz checks an elderly couple into the hotel who plan to end their own lives. She calls Iris in to help with the clean-up and then breaks down into tears, still distraught over losing Tristan. Liz wants to end her life, but Iris stops her so she won't be stuck in the hotel for eternity.

Iris advises Liz to set all of her unfinished business straight and then the two of them will leave together, making a "clean exit" from the Hotel Cortez. Liz has Miss Evers call her son to invite him to a full week's stay at the hotel so they can make amends. It's been 31 years since they've seen each other. Evers suggests their encounter might be a diffcult one for Liz' son to comprehend.

John shows Sally his latest trophies, the ears of three of his victims. He only needs one more to complete the tableau.

Donovan sneaks into Rudy's hotel room while the Countess entertains Natacha. Donovan kills Rudy and the Countess kills Natacha. 

March traps a contractor in the basement of the hotel and lights him on fire for failing to fulfill March's wishes. John finds him and learns that March has plans for the two of them to continue their murder spree. March will think of ways to kill people while John will carry out the murders or lure people to the hotel. John only wants to find Alex.

John confronts Alex about her decision to be infected with the virus in order to join Holden forever. They discuss the fact that they both abandoned Scarlett and then she enlists his help in handling the murderous children she's unleashed on Los Angeles.

Liz's son sits at the bar for a drink and the two talk, but Douglas doesn't know that Liz is his father. 

John and Alex check out the abandoned house where the kids killed the delivery boy. While John goes upstairs to check out a sound, Alex hears a sick child coughing. Suddenly, the two are surrounded by the children.

The Countess meets with the police after reporting him missing. The officers believe he's gotten cold feet, and as she tries to assure them he didn't, Will Drake walks into the suite. The Countess threatens to infect Lachlan.

John and Alex bring the infected children home to the hotel and lock them in the abandoned hallway. As the children begin to fight, they find the body of Will Drake and then Ramona finds them. Then they share a moment of passion and contemplate not getting divorced. Sally is unhappy and tries to seduce him to show him that he doesn't really love his wife.

Liz and Iris buy Miss Evers a washer and dryer for her help with Douglas and then Liz meets her son in the bar for a drink and learns that Douglas has known all along. He accepts Liz causing Liz to have doubts about ending her life.

Donovan and the Countess have dinner and she asks him to retrieve Will's body from the locked hallway and put Ramona back in her cage. Donovan agrees if she agrees to clean up his mess, too. He reveals that Rudy is dead and the Countess breaks down.

Liz backs out of the plan with Iris and tries to convince her that they should take over the hotel in order to get their second chances. 

Alex introduces John to Holden and the three of them attempt to leave the hotel. Sally sees them walking out and threatens to kill John. 

The Countess finds Donovan dancing to "Hotline Bling" in the penthouse after returning from Rudy's hotel room and mourning her lost lover. Donovan is ready to die to prove how much he loves the Countess, a declaration which she finds beautiful. Just as she realizes her love for him, Iris and Liz come in, guns blazing.

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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

People today are obsessed with anything shiny and new. But it's all an illusion. Everything new fades. But forgotten hotels are still good for some things. Drug dealers, May-December indiscretions. And ending it all.


Will: Are you threatening my son?
Countess: I don't kill children, but I could make him a blood relative.