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After watching the real Butcher kill Agnes, Shelby leads Dominic out through the tunnels. They encounter the real Chen family ghosts on their way out, skittering on the ceiling like spiders. Shelby and Dominic run away.

Mama Polk and Jether tell Lee the story of how they came to eat people, way back when their family resorted to cannibalism in order not to starve. They continued the tradition. They explain that they've had the police in their pocket for years.

Mama leaves and Jether talks to Lee. He nonchalantly explains the strange and incestuous workings of their family. He cuts off and preserves Lee's ear, because the Polk family all get pickled ears for Christmas among other gifts. Lee, thinking she's going to die, convinces Jether to record her saying goodbye to Flora. In the video, Lee confesses to murdering Mason and asks for Flora's forgiveness. Jether confesses that he's not too interested in killing people, but he just wanted to be on TV. Lee offers to get him on the show, but that doesn't work. Eventually, she does cocaine with Jether, then seduces him and kills him to escape.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Monet are tortured by the other Polks, who attempt to rip out their teeth to make it rain teeth like it did on "My Roanoke Nightmare." One of the Polks leaves to get bigger pliers and Monet manages to knock out the other brother and escape, leaving Audrey behind. Mama returns, sending her sons out to go after Monet to retrieve her.

Alone with Audrey, Mama Polk rips out one of Audrey's teeth. Lee shows up, rescuing Audrey. Audrey bashes Mama Polk's head in, killing her, before she and Lee leave and make their way back to the house.

Back at the house, Dominic and Shelby escape the Chens but are attacked by multiple ghosts, with the chandelier dropping onto them. They barricade themselves in the bathroom. Shelby loses all hope of escaping now that Matt is gone and suddenly kills herself, to Dominic's horror.

Lee and Audrey arrive back at the Roanoke house and come upon Matt's body. Lee breaks down at the sight. The two women make their way upstairs to the bedroom, where Audrey gives Lee the painkillers she has on her. They find dead Shelby and Dominic in the bathroom and flip out. Dominic explains what happened with Matt and Shelby, but Lee and Audrey don't believe him. Lee locks Dominic out of the room, against Audrey's wishes, allowing Dominic to be killed by the Piggy Man.

The next morning, Lee and Audrey make their way out of the house. Lee insists that they need to go back to the Polk farm, to retrieve the video tape of them killing the Polks. Audrey is insistent that the murders were in self-defense, but Lee assures her that they'll be incriminated if the tape falls into the wrong hands. Audrey reluctantly agrees.

On the way out, they run into a man in the Piggy Man head. Lee hits him with a crowbar but he stops them and removes the pig head. Audrey recognizes that it is Dylan, the actor who played Ambrose White in the reenactments, wearing a Piggy Man costume.

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