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We picked up with three kids filming everything at the mansion, but they quickly realized something was amiss when they bumped into the ghost of Diana, who led them to her car. 

They found her body and went to the police, but the officer did not take it seriously because he and his team could not find a body there. 

He warned them off returning, but they did so and were in peril yet again. One of them was murdered, and the other two ran off, but they were shocked to the core when they were strung up and burned at the stake. 

Lee and Audrey were shocked to the core by Dylan's appearance but they learned he was only there to cause trouble. When the group decided to make a break for freedom, they found Monet, but when they returned to the house, Lee appeared. 

She was possessed and she murdered Monet, before locking Audrey in the shelter. After the police arrived, they found Lee, dazed and confused. Audrey tried to kill her, but was killed herself by the police. 

Lee survived the nightmare, but it was far from over for her because of the footage of her being part of the murders. 

American Horror Story
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