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Kai tells his cult about Heaven's Gate, David Koresh, and Jim Jones. All of these real life cults ended in the members dying for their leader and what they thought they stood for. 

Ivy and Ally talk about why Ivy joined the cult and then Winter appears to say they need to run away because Kai no longer cares about what he was originally preaching about. Kai's gang appears to take them back for a group meeting.

It turns out that Kai wants everyone, including the newly returned Beverly to drink and die together for the greater good of the cult. Everyone is forced to drink and then Kai reveals that there is nothing in it because why would he kill everyone if he plans to run for Senate. It was all a test to see who was loyal to the cause. 

Ivy and Ally plan to make a run for it, but when they go topick up Oz they find out Winter picked him up with Kai. By the time they get to Kai's, he revealed to Oz that he is the father. 

Kai has been donating his sperm for a while and kept track of all his kids, especially of Oz. He threatens Ally and Ivy to get them to leavve but let Oz stay there for the night. 

That night Ally and Ivy seem to have a date night, with Ally saying she has a plan on how to take care of Kai. During the dinner though she reveals that she is angry at Ivy, very angry. She reveals that she only got over her fears by planning revenge against Ivy and she got it when she poisoned the wine and pasta that Ivy ate. 

Kai tells his group of followers about how great Jim Jones was because he delivered what he promised. Oz ruins the story by checking on Wikipedia and ruining the lies Kai was spreading. He gets a time out and Kai takes him somewhere the next morning. 

Ally goes to check if Kai is actually Oz's father, but the file shows another guy. Ally sets up a dinner for her and Kai, she is unreasonably nice to him. She shows Kai the file with his picture in it, and reveals that she killed Ivy. Kai believes the lies, even thinks he created a messiah baby. 

They take Ivy's body in Kai's house where he has the rest of his family buried. Ally is then reunited with Oz and seems to still be part of the cult. 

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