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Flashbacks explore how Kai's cult — consisting of Winter, Meadow, Harrison, Detective Samuels, Gary, RJ, Beverly, and Ivy — pulled off a few of their murders. But quickly, it becomes clear that dissent is in their midst.

Beverly's boss criticizes her clearly impartial reporting and attempts to stoke fear in the public, per Kai. When she informs Kai that Bob doesn't intend to show any gruesome footge, Kai determines that they must kill Bob and record it.

They do so, but not before Bob informs them that he has a "gimp" chained up in his attic. RJ wants to spare the imprisoned man, but Kai isn't willing to take suggestions. He brutally kills the "gimp" and Ivy runs off, sick to her stomach.

Beverly suggests that RJ's dissent is "like a cancer" and that they need to kill him before it spreads. Kai agrees and organizes the cult to all kill RJ with nail gun shots to the head. He orders Ivy to take the first shot to prove her loyalty, after running off during the earlier murder.

Meanwhile, Ally struggles with being separated from Oz and seeks help from Dr. Rudy. Ally has an uncomfortable supervised visit with her son and hates being in the house all alone. When she spies on the neighboring house, she sees Harrison and the detective making out. When she goes to investigate, she finds Meadow in the hole.

Meadow, briefly escaping, informs Ally that there is a cult at work and that Ivy is part of it, along with Winter and many others. Ally is shaken.

At Beverly's behest, Kai reveals his backstory to her. He was part of a normal family until his father was paralyzed and became abusive. He made Kai's mother suffer, until finally she snapped and shot him, turning the gun on herself after. In distress, Kai called his brother — Rudy — who instructed him to hide away the bodies so that news wouldn't get out about the murder-suicide and so they could continue collecting their parents' money.

After telling Beverly all this, Kai breaks down sobbing.

American Horror Story
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