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June 3, 1968: Valerie Solanas has very unenthusiastic sex for money. She gets only $5 and goes to buy however many bullets that can get her, in order to kill Andy Warhol. 24 hours earlier, she barged in while Andy was shooting his movie to demand her script, "Up Your Ass," back from him. Andy nonchalantly claims he lost the script, infuriating Valerie with his misogynist views. She attempts to kill him, shooting at him several times and hitting him only once.

Kai survives the assassination attempt and wins the election. Meadow killed several other people and Harrison publicly claims that her diary detailed her anger over Hillary Clinton's loss and a plan to kill Kai. Ally is also taken into custody as a possible suspect. Kai's plan to get farther on the national stage works -- he's even retweeted by Eric Trump. Meanwhile, a mysterious strange woman approaches Beverly, suggesting that the assassination attempt was a sham. She invites Beverly to come meet up with her to hear more.

Beverly blows her off and goes to see Kai. She's disturbed to see a bunch of strange white men (Kai's new "volunteers") congregating in Kai's house. Beverly believes that Kai is going against their equal power agreement and gets upset at his unwillingness to capitalize on the fear and use it for their goal of setting the world on fire.

Upset, Beverly goes to visit the strange woman (Bebe Babette) at the hotel. After, the 2 of them gather Ivy and Winter. Bebe explains that the women made a mistake trusting Kai. She explains that Valerie Solanas was in the love of her life. She wrote the SCUM Manifesto and gathered a following of women and gay men who vow to kill all men.

Valerie's followers shoot and kill a couple on lovers' lane. Winter interrupts to point out that this couple was actually the first pair of victims of the Zodiac killer. Bebe claims that they were the Zodiac. She says the attempted assassination of Warhol was Valerie's signal for them to begin her work. She directed the rest from the mental hospital she was imprisoned in. 

Valerie becomes infuriated when the so-called Zodiac killer starts taking credit for the murders, angry that an anonymous man is stealing their work. Bebe questions why they don't just say they are SCUM murders. Valerie forbids it, saying they can't come forward until 1,000 people are dead. When Valerie is released, she comes back to San Francisco and accuses one of the 2 gay men of sending the letters to the newspapers. It was actually a ploy to entrap the other man, who they brutally murder. 

Valerie attempts to confess to the crimes, but the police don't believe her. Valerie loses her mind, schizophrenia taking hold, as one by one her disciples leave her -- including Bebe. One night, she hallucinates Andy Warhol taunting her and saying she'll only be remembered for shooting him. Valerie dies alone.

In the present, Bebe convinces the women that they need to strike back against Kai and regain their power.

Winter stops in to speak with Kai while he's visiting with their dead parents. He pushes her to promise her loyalty. She agrees. Then he admits he found the SCUM Manifesto in her room while looking for her Adderall. He questions what it is and says he liked it, then tests out some similar names for his own manifesto. He claims that Harrison came up with a misogynist idea. There is tension between the two of them, but Winter leaves.

That night, the women invite Harrison to a "surprise victory party" for Kai. It's actually a ploy. They knock him out and tie him up, depending information about what really happened with Meadow. Harrison admits that Kai told him to let Ally save her, but claims he had no idea she would end up blowing her brains out. He denies coming up with the misogynist manifesto idea that Kai claims he did. Ivy starts cutting him with a chainsaw, then kills him. They dismember his body and leave him to be found.

Kai watches Beverly's news report about the murder with Bebe, revealing that the two are working together. He comments that women are at their best when they're angry.

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American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

You had too much control over my life. Down with the patriarchy! Suck my dick, Warhol!


Valerie: You lost it because you can't stand to see a woman succeed.
Andy Warhol: Oh, Valerie. You know women can't be serious artists.