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Cordelia sees a look into the future, specifically the apocalypse. She sees a man with a white face which is meant to be Michael since he has the devil inside of him. She wakes up and shares what she saw. 


She then says she will test Michael to see if he is the next supreme. It is later revealed that she is fading and it seems like she truly thinks Michael could follow her. But as they do the tests and Michael manages to bring back Misty, Cordelia reveals that she was testing Michael to see his abilities in full. 


Misty confirms that she is getting bad vibes from him and that when he took her from Hell she saw him almost communicating with those there with her, as if he had an understanding of the evil there. 

Cordelia then sends Madison to the Murder House because that is the beginning for Michael and she wants her to find out what she can. 


Through flashbacks it is revealed that Mallory excelled beyond belief at the school and Coco arrived there because of her father but felt like she had a useless skill. 


It was also seen that Michael was getting help from his foster mother who Meade was mirrored after to make sure he gained control.

American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

I knew you for such a short time, and I’ve missed you forever.


I outrank you, I can destroy you, so I suggest you fall in line because I am still your Supreme.