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Bobby returns to the camp. He bumps into Montana who wonders what his phone is. 

She tells him his father was not a villain and that forces of evil conspired to keep him from doing good. However, he later learns they are ghosts. 

They tell him about Richard Ramirez and how he wanted to kill him. They said that they were all doing shifts to keep him safe. 

She also revealed that they all murdered Margaret with a wood chipper. 

Richard escaped and tried to kill him, but everyone helped him leave. Bobby went to the asylum and Donna filled in the blanks for him. 

She said she did not send the money. They realized that Brooke was still alive and was doing so. Brooke found happiness with a husband and two other children. 

Bobby said he had to return to the camp and Donna told him to be careful. Things then took a turn with Margaret trying to kill him, and Benjamin saving him. 

Lavinia told Margaret to allow her grandson to leave with his life. 

He did so and the show came to a close. 

American Horror Story
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