Rose Flack
"Salt Lake City Auditions"

Season eight auditions continued in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let's take a look at who moved on to Hollywood.

T.K. Hash
"Jacksonville Auditions"

American Idol took its act to Jacksonville, Florida. Did they find the next American Idol there?

Idol Singer
"Louisville Auditions"

Did Louisville deliver the next American Idol? We'll have to wait a few months to find out, but here's who impressed us the most during this round of auditions.

Kai Kalama
"San Francisco Auditons"

American Idol traveled to San Francisco for its auditions last night. Sorry to say, but we weren't impressed.

Ashley Anderson Audition
"Kansas City Auditions"

The most recent episode of American Idol centered around auditions in Kansas City. Who stood out the most? Here's a look.