American Idol Season 8

On the Piano
"Season Eight Performance Finale"

It came down to Adam Lambert and Kris Allen this season on American Idol. Each sang three songs during the show's final performance episode.

Final Three
"Top Three Results Show"

Someone's journey came to an end this week. Sorry, Danny Gokey, but that someone was you.

Beautiful Performance
"Final Three Perform"

The final three American Idol finalists put on a great show this week. For a change, Adam Lambert didn't put on the best audition of the night.

Idols Rock
"Final Four Results Show"

Allison Iraheta was eliminated this week. It was an unfortunate outcome.

Four Finalists
"Final Four Perform"

The final four finalists took to the stage this week. Their songs of choice? Rock 'n roll classics!

Matt Giraud Performance Photo
"Top Five Results Show"

The right person went home this week. But the wrong person was included in the bottom two.

Lambert, Adam
"Rat Pack Performance Night"

The five remaining American Idol finalists sang songs from the Rat Pack this week. It was definitely an entertaining evening.

Lil Rounds Performance
"Top Seven Results Show"

It was double elimination week on American Idol. Sorry about that, Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai.

Kris Allen, Disco Night
"Disco Night Performances"

The final seven contestants performed disco songs this week. A few stood out from the rest.

"Final Seven Results Show"

On this week's American Idol results show, history was made. Find out how!

Adam Lambert Photo
"Top Seven Performance Show"

The seven American Idol finalists performed songs from movies this week. Here's a recap of the renditions.

Sorry, Scott
"Final 8 Elimination"

American Idol eliminated another contestant this week. Find out his/her identity now.

Adam Lambert Performance Pic
"Final Eight Perform"

The final eight contestants performed this week on American Idol. One singer stood out from the rest. By a mile.

Goodbye, Megan
"Top Nine Results Show"

Another finalist was sent home tonight. Sorry, Megan Joy.

Adam Lambert Audition
"Final Nine Perform"

Adam Lambert put on a great performance, yet again, this week. But so did a few other Idol finalists.

The Bottom Two
"Results Show, Top 10"

The top 10 has become the top nine. Michael Sarver was sent home from American Idol this week.

A Different Adam Lambert
"Motown Week"

The American Idol finalist sang Motown songs last night. A few impressed. Adam Lambert soared.

The Judges Deliberate
"Finals Elimination, Week Two"

A surprising result from American Idol this evening sent an early favorite packing.

Anoop: Country Star
"Finals, Week Two"

It's Grand Ole Opry night on American Idol. Who will end up crying in their beer afterward?

Jorge Nunez Pic
"Finals Elimination, Week One"

Two American Idol finalists were sent home tonight. Not even a new rule could save Jorge Nunez or Jasmine Murray.

Adam Lambert Pic
"Finals, Week One"

The 13 finalists gathered for Michael Jackson night on American Idol. Only a few stood out.

Megan Corkrey
"Wild Card Round"

The judges pulled a fast one on American Idol viewers last night. Here's what went down on the Wild Card round.

Scott MacIntyre
"Semifinals, Round Three"

The third group of semifinalists performed on American Idol. And one Lil contestant stood above the rest.

Kris Allen, Semifinalist
"Semifinal Auditions, Round Two"

The second set of 12 semifinalists performed on American Idol during these two hours. We were far from impressed by most of them.

Danny Gokey Photo
"Semifinals, Round One"

The first set of semifinalists performed on American Idol. Here's a rundown of which songs they chose.

Scott MacIntyre in Hollywood
"Hollywood Round 3"

We're inching closer and closer to the final 36. Here's a look at the contestants that impressed us the most in Hollywood.

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A Train Wreck
"Hollywood, Round Two"

Round two of Hollywood auditions on American Idol featured the contestants singing in groups. Or fighting in groups, really.

Lil Rounds
"Hollywood, Round One"

American Idol began to whittle its field down to 36 during its first night in Hollywood. Here's a recap of singers from the night.

NYC Audition
"NYC, San Juan Auditions"

New York and San Juan contestants tried out for American Idol last night. A handful of aspiring singers moved on to Hollywood.

Rose Flack
"Salt Lake City Auditions"

Season eight auditions continued in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let's take a look at who moved on to Hollywood.

T.K. Hash
"Jacksonville Auditions"

American Idol took its act to Jacksonville, Florida. Did they find the next American Idol there?

Idol Singer
"Louisville Auditions"

Did Louisville deliver the next American Idol? We'll have to wait a few months to find out, but here's who impressed us the most during this round of auditions.

Kai Kalama
"San Francisco Auditons"

American Idol traveled to San Francisco for its auditions last night. Sorry to say, but we weren't impressed.

Ashley Anderson Audition
"Kansas City Auditions"

The most recent episode of American Idol centered around auditions in Kansas City. Who stood out the most? Here's a look.

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