Rose Flack
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A quartet of hopeful singers, all with moving personal stories, received golden tickets to Hollywood during this round of American Idol auditions.

Here's a look at the best and brightest from Salt Lake City:

Meghan Corkrey: a 23-year font designer from Sandy, Utah. Single mother of a two-year old, recently divorced. Lots of tattoos. Sang "Can't Help Lovin' That Man."

David Osmond: Son of Alan Osmond, nephew of Marie and Donnie. This 28-year old suffers from multiple sclerosis. Was recently confined to a wheel chair.

Taylor Vaifanua: Only 16, a high school student. Randy Jackson compared her to Jordin Sparks. Received unanimous approval for Hollywood following rendition of "Joyful, Joyful."

Rose Flack: 17-year old. Both parents died by the time she was 15; lives with a foster family. She sang " I Feel the Earth Move." Blond, bubbly.

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