Chicago Crowd
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Shania Twain was the guest judge on this evening's hour-long audition episode, as 12,000 hopefuls arrived in Chicago.

As usual with our recaps, we're gonna stick to the top performances, those contestants that might actually be seen again in Hollywood. Our favorites from the night...

Katelyn Epperly: 19 years old from West Des Moines, Iowa. She sang “Syrup and Honey” by Duffy and had quite the sob story to tell: Katelyn’s father left her and her family. She's now here in honor of her mother. Epperly has a seriously soulful voice and is told by Kara to be perkier - but receives a unanimous vote to Hollywood.

Charity Vance: 16 years old from Little Rock, Arkansas. She sang “Summertime" and said she works at her parents hair salon. They even show her sweeping up there as proof. We dig her jazzy tone and unique sounded. A quartet of positive reviews. Take your golden ticket!

John Park: 20 years old from Northbrook, Illinois. Surprises us with a nice, smooth voice. Twain says she likes his bottom end (meaning his tone) and then compliments his lips. Well... okay then. H's off to Hollywood!

Paige Dechausse: 21 years old from Morris, Illinois. Almost died from an asthma attack when she was young and her whole family has come to this audition. Simon calls her performance "indulgent," but Kara and Shania convince Randy to say yes and she's off to California. We doubt she'll last long there.

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