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WOW. Did anyone see that coming? We always knew Michael Lynche had personality and a solid voice... but his rendition of "This Woman's Work" was one of the most memorable in American Idol history. Don't believe us?

Just ask Kara DioGuardi. If she ever stops crying from it, that is.

Sadly, aside from Big Mike, the rest of the guys were mediocre at best. Here's a rundown of our favorite five:

  1. Michael Lynche: His wife was in the front row for the first time, witness to this masterful performance.
  2. Casey James: We agree with the judges: the Keith Urban decision was playing it safe. But he's clearly the most consistent male at least.
  3. Andrew Garcia: The poor guy tries so hard every week to remix a song along the same lines as "Straight Up." We give him props for the effort and hope he just focuses on singing next time.
  4. Todrick Hall: We're not major fans of his schtick overall, but will always give someone credit for trying something different. His best performance of the season with Queen's "Somebody to Love."
  5. Aaron Kelly: Brought the right amount of emotion to Lonestar's "I'm Already There."

Who did you like the best?

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