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Who was your favorite finalist this week? There weren't any trainwrecks during Beatles week, but there were definitely a couple crooners that didn't stand out, at least not for positive reasons.

But for the first time in awhile, Tim Urban isn't on that list. Typically, the only nice things we can say about Tim are that he's got a great smile and an even better attitude. As for the singing? Pass!

However, Urban covered "All My Loving" this week and sounded like The Plain White T's. The judges loved it, and so did we. In fact, Tim, we've got you in our top three! The night's rankings are below:

  1. Casey James: Jealous Guy
  2. Tim Urban: All My Loving
  3. Crystal Bowersox: Come Together
  4. Michael Lynche: Eleanor Rigby
  5. Siobhan Magnus: Across the Universe
  6. Katie Stevens: Let It Be
  7. Lee DeWyze: Hey Jude
  8. Andrew Garcia: Can't Buy Me Love
  9. Aaron Kelly: The Long and Winding Road
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