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Del Harris is weighing out pills and crushing them into a cup. All around him are various weapons, including a handgun, rifles, and a bow.

After he takes his drugs, he heads outside with a rifle.

Grace Poe works at a dress shop, sewing wedding dresses. Her hands are bothering her.

Billy Poe takes a beverage to the porch.

A young man is helping in infirmed Henry English into his recliner from a wheelchair.

Henry's helper wants him to take medicaiton. Henry tells him to go away before reading a book.

Grace is outside for a smoke break with two coworkers. They ask after Billy.

The fellow helping Henry breaks into Henry's desk while he's asleep and steals all of his money. He retires to the bedroom and straps an SAT test around his thigh, and then takes off, leaving the front door wide open.

Billy appears to be high as a kite. He's recalling kissing a woman, perhaps having sex with her.

The kid who stole the money strolls up. His name is Isaac, and he is Henry's son. He's talking Billy into going with him tonight when his parole ends. Billy didn't think he was serious.

Billy is putting up a fight.

They walk near the steel mill or what have you, and Billy sees Pete Novick, who almost blew him up the night of his arrest. Isaac calls him back but ultimately follows, and they both go inside.

The shift is over for Grace and co. Del is outside in car. He's the Chief of Police, and one of his deputies, Steve Park calls about a body in the mill. He makes small talk with Del, who sloughs him off, but his ears perk up when he thinks Del has been hunting out of season again.

Del heads to the mill. It's his day off, but he still took the call. Gun drawn, he enters the mill. Oh fuck, he says.

Six months earlier

Billy is putting luggage into the trunk of the car. She hates their fucking trailer. His dad made them buy is when Billy was a baby. She wanted a real house, not a leaky piece of shit. But, it is on this beautiful piece of land.

She drives off.

Del is smashing and measuring pills, drinking them out of a mug.

Grace knocks on someone's door, and when they don't answer, she kicks the door in. She is screaming at Virgil, her husband, who is having sex with someone. They're selling their house today, and he's off doing whatever it is he does. She wants him to grow the hell up. He runs after her. Let's get some breakfast. His gal, seemingly pregnant, was going to make them some dippy eggs. Grace is disgusted.

Billy runs onto the football field, fist bumping the coach.

Billy is coaching.

Henry is talking to his daughter on the phone about her new boyfriend when Isaac walks in. He's sour-faced.

Grace wants to crash at Beth's place for a couple of days. She's acquired some wisdom through all of this. Don't marry a douchebag. Beth says that at least she married a cute douchebag, so that must have been fun for a while. Don't pay the mortgage, Grace says.

One of the ladies at work says she'd shit in front of someone if he'd pay her bills, and Grace, Beth, and Lilian look at her like she's nuts.

Fort Pitt Banking Group is holding a rally when Virgil and his friends come up with their rifles. It's a foreclosure sale, and they're going to create some trouble.

Isaac is watching the football team with another sour look on his face. He's an unhappy kid.

The rifle guys were intimidating everyone so that they wouldn't leap on the sale. When he confronts Del, Del has all kinds of fun with him. When the sales guy says he's from Pittsburgh and knows what's what in these parts, Del says they're closer to West Virginia, and not only geographically.

Issac's mother was murdered. She had ten pounds of rocks in her pockets when she washed up at the dam. His dad has been saying that for years. He's unhappy that his sister, Lee got married. She's never coming home. They're both fucked. Isaac is left permanently taking care of his father, and Billy lost the love of his life. Isaac says that the only reason Billy was friends with him is because he was his last tie to Lee.

When Billy tells him why, Isaac advances on Billy. Billy says don't, and Isaac turns around and walks to the end of the pond, standing on ice that gives way. Billy jumps in after him.

Billy has to crack the ice or reach the opening to free them. It seems like the opening is a million miles away. Billy has to let go of Isaac, who falls to the bottom.

Grace returns home with her luggage and laundry. She picks up Billy's coat and checks the heater. Running the heater costs her thirty bucks a day. She's yelling at him, but he's in the shower, seated, crying.

She leaves him alone.

After his shower, he cuts firewood as she requetsted. When he's done, he leaves while she screams her apology.

Del goes to the bar, where the bartender, Chloe (who looks very recognizable), is spouting a comedy routine to Hilary Clinton's speech to Jackson.

When Del says come on, Penn State is playing, she says, you better get used to it, I think she's running.

Jackson wanted to check in to see how Del was doing with his meds. Klonopin, zoloft, benzopine cocktail for PTSD through the VA.

Jackson says they've got to bring all the meds down, including the amphetamines. He wants Del to bring any leftover meds directly to him, too.

Del got a bottle of champagne from Chloe. He's unhappy with the bottle and they verbally swat at each other.

The champagne is for Grace. If it has alcohol and bubbles, it's good for her.

he wonders if Virgil is around. She says he hasn't been over in about a year. Before they go inside, he removes the notice of eviction signs.

Billy and his friends are out drinking. They're toasting Billy for having his own bedroom to sleep in tonight.

Grace wants to see Del's head. He's shaved a bunch off of his head. She wants him to let her start doing it for him. Straddling him on the couch, she kisses him and puts his hand on her breast.

Billy calls Lee. He wants her to call Isaac after he walked into the river. She promises to call Isaac tonight. They've hardly talked the past couple years, so it's not surprising that she doesn't want to talk to Billy, he says. She's living in New York City. They chat a little, and some kid knocks into him. He recognizes Billy and talks about his D1 scholarship. The kid is a total jerk, picking a fight. Billy has no desire to do it, but the kid keeps pushing, and Billy puts him into a headlock. He just wants to stop the kid, not choke him out.

One of his friends tosses the asshole a knife, and someone else tosses Billy a two by four. Billy swats at him, and the jerk goes down, but he get back up again, and Billy whallops him in the head.

Grace and Del are going into the bedroom when work calls Del. He's being called to Ryland's, and Steve says that if he's where he thinks he is, he should probably come down.

Billy is on the ground with Pete Novick standing on his back, gun drawn. Pete is a deputy or something. Someone has the whole thing on video. Del is firing Pete for his behavior. Del has been holding his head above water for years, and he's done.

Del transports Billy himself.

Lee calls Isaac, but they don't have subtitles on screeners, so I can't tell you what they said.

Grace is demanding to see Billy, but Steve isn't letting him. He's trying to keep her from seeing Del, too. Del is writing up the arrest paperwork in his office. Grace cannot believe that Del left her house to arrest her son.

Del shows a judge the video. The judge talking about not caring anymore so ridicule is fruitless. He wonders why Del is acting as Billy's attorney. Del knows that the other kid came at Billy with a bayonet, so he hopes that the DA takes that into consideration.

Del tells the judge about being in Iraq in February of 1991. The judge is transfixed. When you're under threat and defending yourself, you just keep going even after the threat is over. Maybe that's just what men do, but he knows it's just what young men do.

The judge hears that Del is on a bunch of drugs for what he went through in the military and on Pittsburgh PD gives him bad dreams. The judge wants Del to be careful how much he wades out into this mess because at a certain point, you're in over your head.

The next day, Del uses his finger to clean his pill bowl to get every last drop.

He heads to Billy's arraignment. They're charging him with misdemeanor assault in the third degree since the fight was mutual. The judge sentences him to six months probation. Virgil has his arm around Grace. Income in this part of the state is 25% left than the rest of Pennsylvania, and the judge has no idea why Billy didn't use his football scholarship. He hopes Billy siezes that opportunity.

Virgil is pretending to sing and dancing for Grace. She's laughing like a young girl. Del arrives, but Virgil keeps dancing. Del has arrived with another bottle of champagne, this time French, and venison steaks. She tells him no, and makes an excuse, but Virgil walks out of the house interrupting.

Virgil invites Del in to cook up the steaks and toast to a good day. Del gives them the food and leaves.

Back to the present, Del is in the mill. Pete Novick is dead, and there's a little piece of evidence beside him. But what's really damning is the varsity jacket across the room. As other cars pull up outside, Del hides the varsity jacket in a hole in the wall.

Del realizes his hands are greasy from holding the jacket. He lies to his deputy.


American Rust
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American Rust Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Isaac: Why are you friends with me?
Del: You're the only person left who makes me feel like I'm worth anything.

Steve: You huntin' out of season again?
Del: Not answering that question, but, to be clear, there are no seasons on my property. Nobody tells me what to do on my own land. I'm a good shot; I'm not gonna kill anybody. And if I did, they'd be on my property.
Steve: I'm going to forget we had this conversation.
Del: Don't forget all of it. Don't be takin' a sunset stroll on my land, especially not in a deer costume.