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It's a mom thing with Bonnie and the girls when everything goes wrong. Jessica's Barbie isn't vintage!!!

Becca thinks Mr. Nave is out to get her so the World History project that's due tomorrow will get a bad grade. She also thinks Bonnie doesn't like her anymore. Like all of us kids, she doesn't want to take any responsibility for not starting her project until that night.

At lunch, Kathleen is eating six special cookies as part of a special diet and popping a diet pill.

Diana wants Alan's number.

Bonnie is worrying about everything.

Greg is angry at Kathleen when he learns Kathleen gave Diana Alan's number. He goes so far as to say Alan is a bad guy.

Bonnie gets her tickle on and the electricity goes off -- no fair!

Greg is only worried Alan is going to tell Diana about Greg's sexual preference.

When Bonnie looks into her drawer at the tickle again, she finds Adam's number. Nothing like the real thing!

Diana offers to buy Alan a drink for returning her sweater. He is surprised when she says they can walk to a nearby bar. She's the first person he's met since he moved from New York to suggest walking anywhere.

While Bonnie is at home masterbating to the memory of sex with Adam, Diana tells Alan how she met her friends.

Diana met Kathleen after she moved to California from Texas and they met Bonnie at a work party where she attended with Steve.

Diana lives with her mother because her father died a few years ago and she moved in to take care of her. Diana also tells Alan what her mother said about Alan.

Diana is incredibly inquisitive. She's very interested in how he knew he was gay and how he finds other "like-minded" gentlemen.

Kathleen and Greg are in a very bad place. Kathleen won't give him the time of day.

This time, Adam is in Bonnie's shower and her bed. They talk about keeping him a secret, Steve's upcoming show in New York and Bonnie joining him there by leaving the girls with Steve, good ol' Steve.

Greg threw away Kathleen's pills and she needs to know what's happening. She wants Greg to let her go if they're not going to work out because she needs to know. It's horrible.

Becca and Jessica are walking home and Becca sees mom kissing Adam. Becca keeps Jessica from seeing, but she doesn't want to share the news only moments earlier she was excited about.

Of course, because dad is gone and mom is there, mom is the bad guy and dad is a prince among thieves as far as Becca is concerned.

While they're playing Monopoly, Diana sees Greg's matches. The Red Target.


American Woman
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American Woman Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Bonnie: So. Am I your muse?
Adam: You're my inspiration. You'll be my muse when somebody buys it.

Kathleen: You need to untangle your tingle.
Bonnie: I don't know what you're saying.