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Bonnie and Adam are on a date, and when she suggests meeting her kids, he puts the kibbosh on that.

Becca is a complete when she tells Jessica Bonnie has a boyfriend because "you wouldn't do it." The next big bombshell is whether or not dad can attend the birthday party, also courtesy of Becca. She's hell bent on ruining Jessica's birthday.

Diana visits her new haunt and immediately finds a fellow interested in buying her a drink -- to late -- or making it up to her.

Bonnie stalks Steven to ask if he'll attend the birthday party. Of course. Please don't bring Masha. Just family.

During a meeting at the bank, Diana appears to be sleeping. She's ceased giving a damn.

Kathleen and Greg run into Alan on a sound stage. Alan takes the time to bother Greg about being lovers again, and pulls him into a kiss while Kathleen goes back inside to get her sunglasses.

Later, Diana admits she knew about Greg when Kathleen cries to her.

Diana gives her some straight talk.

When they're done, Diana runs into a guy in the hallway who isn't in the mood for small talk. So she screws him in the backseat of her car. THEN he wants her number. She tells him to get out of her car.

It's a small family dinner for Jessica's birthday and Adam appears instead of a magician.

Steven goes bezerk as if he's not the one who cheated on his wife and sent his family into turmoil.

To say the next few minutes don't go well is an understatement. See the quotes for details.

Kathleen, meanwhile, confronts Greg who tries to talk his way out of his scenario, but that doesn't work this time around.

Bonnie helps Adam with an ice pack after Steve slugs him, and Adam wants kudos for immediately hitting the floor so Steve couldn't take a second swig at him.

Adam admits he was kind of freaked out when Bonnie asked him to meet her kids. He thinks they're really great, but Steve is a bastard. he's never been with someone like Bonnie before. She's great. They like each a lot.

Steve finally admits he's scared, too. What if he winds up in jail and the kids never speak to him again?

The magician shows up to a very poor audience, but it's funny from this end!

Kathleen struggles through the night.

Jessica likes Adam and Becca even likes him. Becca says she hates her dad, but Bonnie says she has to forgive him just like she's trying to do.

American Woman
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American Woman Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Diana: You think I could have fixed this for you?
Kathleen: Yes! You could have told me.
Diana: You wouldn't have believed me because you already knew it was true.
Kathleen: What? I didn't know!
Diana: Yes, you did. How many times did you complain that the sex was disappointing? How many times did he have a last minute meeting that kept him out half the night? You knew. You just didn't do anything about it.

Mr. Bishop: You came in late today. Again. And now you're dozing off in meetings?
Diana: I haven't been getting much sleep at night.
Mr. Bishop: Is this conversation amusing you?
Diana: No sir. I'm just happy to be here.