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Bonnie realizes that "just another day" in her new life is a lot different than they used to be. She has to send her kids off to school after cereal with orange juice instead of milk and wet clothes after the drying fails.

After receiving her first paycheck, Bonnie wonders what she can do to earn more money. Her first week nets her $54.55. It's clearly not enough to do much for the family.

When Kathleen cannot cast a children's role, she decides to let Jessica read. She's wholesome and sweet, exactly what their client wants.

At the school, Bonnie is trying to get an exception on the tuition, but she isn't getting very far.

The good news is Jessica booked the orange juice commercial. Now the show is getting started.

Jessica's paycheck is for $350. Bonnie is disconcerted and needs a drink.

When Greg's friend Alan shows up at Kathleen's, it's a fix-up. Kathleen is going to unwittingly drag poor Diana into a life like hers. Poor Diana.

Greg thinks he's finally getting past the mistakes he's made. He says he's with Kathleen and loves her. Alan grabs him by the ass and dares him to stop.

That makes Greg a little nervous during dinner. There are toasts going on all around. Bonnie has no idea why they're celebrating.

Alan very kindly sees Diana home and shakes her hand when he arrives.

When she gets home, her mother is at the door, angry that she's been out until 10:15 when she has work the next day. When Diana says she's not doing this because she's already had a bad night, mom says she doesn't doubt it since she's been on a date with a homosexual.

In that case, Kathleen might have a problem, too. They tend to stick together, mom says when Diana says she met Alan through Greg.

Back at Kathleen's, Greg worries that she might think he doesn't love her. At least he's trying to live the lie nicely.

Bonnie wakes up by the pool in the same clothes she wore the night before to do it all again. Today, though, she can get the dryer fixed and pay for Becca's tuition, telling the principal where to put it.

American Woman
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American Woman Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Becca: Wow. Cereal AND milk?
Bonnie: Try to make it last, please. Cereal and milk cost over a dollar.
Becca: My friends will be so jealous.

Bonnie: Where did all my money go?
Co-Worker : To taxes. Uncle Sam thinks it's important we learn to share. With him.