Someone Gets Wild - American Woman
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It's party time, and all of the girls preparing in Kathleen's bathroom as she luxuriates in her beautiful tub with a cocktail on the side. It's a very big night for her and the business.

Kathleen has to step in between her friends as they nit pick about who is the prettier and more amazing of the two.

While Kathleen worries about the right time to make her move on Lori, Diana meets a fellow who thinks he knows her. She's off to talk to Terry the lawyer.

Bonnie tells Candy she's a bitchy busybody and takes off after she used her to get away from a couple who wanted to swing.

Diana's new friend meets Terry's original friend from the previous week. Dierdra. Dierdra is a stewardress for Pan Am. As Diana's been boring Terry with chit chat about being a junior loan officer, Terry bolts without so much as a goodbye eyebrow.

As Bonnie gets food, she meets Masha, an actress who changed her name from Marsha to make it sound more exotic. Masha is Steve's new girlfriend.

To make Diana stand out even more like a sore thumb, she sees a singer she loves and asks for an autograph. After singing a few bars from her favorite song and learning Cloud Dreams was written while the chick was on 'ludes, she takes one, does a line and gulps her drink.

An Indian guru chats with Kathleen telling her she has a black chakra and has to live in the light, making her panic.

Bonnie meets a guy named Adam, a painter whose work hangs around the house.

Bonnie is impressed and goes in for a kiss, spilling his red wine all over his shirt. So much for smooth moves.

When Lori screams for a goddamned cigarette, Kathleen makes her move.

Bonnie and Adam chat and decide to start over. This time, Adam makes the first move and it goes much better.

Kathleen's chat with Lori doesn't go as expected. Lori thought she should have some experience or she'd be eaten alive. And she needs balls, too.

They're interrupted by a commotion over by the pool. It's Diana, singing Cloud Dreams on the roof in her underwear. She's telling everyone she's proud to be a banker because she protects their money from bankrobbers. And she's not boring, either! She proves it by jumping off the roof and into the pool.

the crowd goes wild and then she throws up by the side of the pool.

Bonnie and Adam are making out inisde. He's pulling down her panties and going places nobody else seems to be going.

Outside, Kathleen claims Diana as her friend and it's the first thing Lori sees as ballsy from Kathleen.

Inside, Bonnie and Adam prepare to say goodbye. He tries to get her number, but she's not sure she should give it to him. He gives her his instead and they kiss goodbye.

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American Woman Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Diana: Don't worry. I'm sure people will be paying so much attention to your amazing personality and your perky tits that they won't even notice me.
Bonnie: Alright, that's enough. You two are worse than my girls. Kathleen, if you have anything that will calm you down in that armada of pills you're always carrying around with you, I suggest you take it.

I don't know why anybody lives in Malibu. It's so far away from everything and there's no place to park.