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When several bakers turn up murdered in Los Angeles, Angie Tribeca must face her greatest fear: weddings.

Years ago, Tribeca was engaged to her first partner, Sergeant James Franco, who vanished under mysterious circumstances. Her wedding-to-never-be haunts her as she grows closer to the reality of the case, while Geils struggles with his feelings for his partner, making inappropriate comments under his breath, which can only be made to assume that he's falling in love with her. Like all other partners on television. 

Once the coroner determines the cause of the death, and finds that baking the last wedding cakes the bakers ever prepared at 400 degrees, it turns into drugs. Now the hunt is on, as a failing wedding planner who turned to a life of drug dealing becomes the main suspect in the case. To form their case, Tribeca and Geils must go uncover as an engaged couple, sparking Geils' already growing feelings, to take her and the drug-infused cakes downtown. 

The only problem? Maybe Tribeca has feelings for her new partner, too. But her fear of falling in love with her partners overshadows her feelings for Geils, as something mysterious has happened to all 236 of them after she's fallen in love. 

Angie Tribeca
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Angie Tribeca Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Don't get all squishy on me, it doesn't mean we're best friends forever.


I was engaged to my first partner and he vanished under mysterious circumstances.