Unfinished Business - Animal Kingdom
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Baz talks to Smurf about the military base job while she packs. She's going to Vegas with Toby. At least that's what she tells the boys. She gives Baz paychecks for everyone and he complains it's not enough.

J is at Alexa's house. She asks what's happening and he starts telling her things.

Pope confronts Baz about the pills.

Deran and Adrian surf. Afterwards Deran talks about going to the Dominican Republic. Adrian doesn't seem very interested. Craig shows up.

Alexa talks with Detective Yates who encourages her to get the information.

Paul is at the house. Baz "got" the briefcase back for him. He's still working his con. J shows up. Paul leaves. Baz sort of threatens J.

Smurf is on the beach with some guy who turns out to be Craig's dad. He did a job for her.

Pope is eating out when Vin approaches him. He wants to do a job.

Baz goes home and blows off Cath's advances. She knows Smurf shot down the idea of them having another baby.

Pope is in Vin's car casing a place. Pope doesn't think it's a good idea. Vin brings up Pope's infatuation with Cath.

Paul visits Baz at home to drop the car off. Baz gives him $5000 for the "tip" Paul gave him earlier.  Paul is reluctant to take the money, but Baz walks away.

Smurf is at a garage ready to buy an old collectible car. 

J finds Alexa vomiting from taking too much  heroin and he helps her.

Smurf sees the surf guy picture in his office and asks about it. He claims it's not him.

Cath shows up at the party with Lena. Craig takes Lena and Cath goes about her business. Deran takes Adrian to the garage and talks to him, but Adrian only came to the party because he didn't want to be thrown in the lake like Dave. He leaves.

Alexa wakes up. J is still there. She shares her story, then they have sex.

Vin shows up at Baz's place, threatens him and Cath. He wants in on a job.

Pope confronts Cath. He thinks she's afraid of him. She is, but he's so desperately in love with her.

Deran is trying to get it on with a girl when Craig shows up and kicks her and everyone else out. He tells Deran he knows he's gay and that's why he invited Adrian.

J is in shower while Alexa is in kitchen and gets and text from the detective. She puts her wire on.

Smurf is at dinner with the car guy. He means something. She goes to bathroom, has a flashback and takes out a gun. She's there to kill the guy. The guy left her mom dead in a store after a robbery.

Baz confronts Pope about Vin, Cath, and Julia.

Smurf wants to know about the blue Chevelle which was her mother's. He tells the story. Tells her about her mother, Miriam and we learn how she got her name, Smurf. Though he still doesn't know who she is.

J goes to the kitchen. Alexa gives him a note saying she's wired.

Craig is having sex when he gets a phone call about the prepaid cards. Apparently, the base is about to be deployed.

Baz comes home. Cath expresses her fears about Pope, but he blows her off. Craig shows up to tell him the information.

Deran tries to make out with Adrian, but he isn't having any of it. Deran loves him, but Pope ruined this for him.

Cath gets Patrick the cop's card from the bar and calls him.

Pope is cleaning the party mess. J shows up. They talk. 

Baz visits Paul at a basketball pickkup game. Tells him the truth. Pulls him into the job.

Smurf gets home. Baz confronts her. He knows she didn't go to Vegas and wants to know what's up. She's not herself. She goes to bed, crying.

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Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Pope: I can't tell which version of me you like better: drugged up or crazy? I kinda think you like crazy. Less competition.

You know I can keep a secret.