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Smurf goes to pick up Pope, who has been arrested, and argues with his parole officer.

J has been invited to family night with his girlfriend, Nicky.

They get to class and see that their teacher isn't there that day. Instead, she's at home, emotional and nervous about getting involved with J's family. It turns out that she has made a deal to try and get information to put the Cody's away because she was caught trying to buy heroin.

Baz has a plan for a new job, but the brothers aren't all on board. Smurf says she'll keep in mind who pulled their weight when it's time to divvy up the money they get.

Craig sees his girlfriend, and after they sleep together, she tells him she knows he left her to die that night, and tells him now she's going to do the same. Several guys come in and tie him up. They shoot him up with something, and he's terrified. Then they tell him it's just saline colored with tea, but they threaten him.

Deran and Pope pull of their job, and it turns out they robbed Nicky's family and took her dad's briefcase.

J figures out that his family is involved, and breaks up with Nicky. When Baz finds out that's the case, he reminds J he needs to be loyal to the family first.



Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Craig: Pope spent the night in jail/
Baz: Yeah, I heard. Not even long enough to make a toothbrush into a shiv.

Are you asking me to sleep with a 17-year-old kid?