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Paramedics arrive to treat a woman who has overdosed on heroin while her son, Josh, watches television and seems disconnected.

Josh calls his grandmother to say that his mother has died of an overdose. His grandmother tells him to pack his things, then comes to pick him up. He arrives to his grandmother's home where he meets three uncles, and it's clear this isn't a typical family.

The guys worry that Josh is going to get them all in trouble.

Josh goes surfing with two of his uncles. They get into an altercation with a few guys in the water, then have Josh pull a gun on them. Another man, Andrew, shows up to the house, and he's suspicious of Josh.

He has just gotten out of prison, and is upset that Josh is in his room. Josh goes to see his girlfriend, and he tells her the news. Everyone attends the funeral, but no one has anything to say.

A neighbor speaks up and tells Josh he should stay away from this family, and that his mother did everything she could to keep him away from them.

Andrew takes Josh on a job without permission from the grandmother. They guys break into a jewelry store and nearly get caught as they are driving away. One of them gets shot by security.

Josh makes a phone call in hopes of finding his father, but has no luck. Josh finally stands up to the dealer who keeps harassing him for money Julia owes him.

Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Your mom just died, man. It's a free pass.


Craig: I guess we're Lutheran. Who knew?
Daren: It must have been the cheapest.