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The family continues to deal with the fallout of their recent crime job gone wrong.

Smurf talks with J, both assuring him he can come to her if he needs anything, and also making sure he knows he can't say anything about what he sees or hears.

Smurf meets with all the guys to make sure loose ends are taken care of, ordering them to clean up the car that might have evidence. Craig is still suffering from his gunshot wound.

Craig and Deran work on the car while Craig complains that the two of them always do the hard work. Craig takes more painkillers, then notices his wound doesn't look so good.

J sees that Pope has destroyed his room looking for the watch he gave him. Pope tells him he has to give it back, but J says he already gave it to Nicky.

Pope drives Nicky and J to school, noticing Nicky's watch.

Baz and Smurf take the watches to be destroyed.

Pope pays a visit to Caroline and her daughter, again proving he's the worst villain of the bunch.

Craig continues to deal with his wound, which has now became far too infected. His brothers take him to get help, and we're left not knowing if they got there in time.

Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You're in this family now. You're gonna be seeing things and hearing things that need to stay in this family. Do you get it?


We never set out to hurt anyone. That's not the way we work. We don't take stupid risks. We're not greedy. But we're human.