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Smurf is in bed with Lena while Baz is on the phone trying to find Cath. Smurf gets up to find J is home. She asks about Alexa.

Pope eavesdrops on Baz's conversations. J leaves on his bike, but gets pulled over by Det. Yates and Patrick. It's been three days since the money was stolen, and they want to know what's going on.

Smurf and Baz have a conversation about Cath. Baz is obsessed with Cath's disappearance so Smurf shows him the money Vin gave back to her in order to set him up for Cath's disappearance.

Deran and Craig are on the money watch. 

J is in bed with Alexa and calls her out about Det. Yates asking her to sleep with him so he'll talk about what his family is doing. She admits to everything.

Paul shows up at the Cody residence. He wants a larger share and won't put the order in to move the barrels until she agrees. 

The money starts moving and Deran and Craig follow the truck. It stops and they break into the back to start moving the money, but the driver returns and continues his journey causing all sorts of havoc in the back of the truck. The barrels are falling all over and grease is pouring out the back. He finally stops to investigate and Deran and Craig overtake him when he opens the back of the truck. They get the money, detach the cab and go.

Pope goes to the dock where Vin is working to tell him about a job Smurf is willing to let him help on. Vin leaves with Pope who takes him to an empty bay in the docks where Baz is waiting. He ties him up a chair and starts beating him seeking answers about Cath. Vin doesn't admit to anything so Baz finally stops. Pope dumps him on a park bench and shoves some money in his pants for when he recovers.

Back at home, Smurf is counting the money when J tells her about the cops. The cops come in, but the money is gone and so is J. The cops have to let the Codys go. J returns and Det. Yates confronts him. He shows her the recording he took of Alexa admitting she slept with him to get out of a drug charge. He reminds her that his mother knew her, that she's always been after the Codys.

Paul shows up again and Smurf tells him he'll get money later. She makes him go out the back door where he sees Nicki snorting coke with Craig. He does nothing and just leaves.

Pope and Smurf have a fight. Pope accuses her of being a coward and she inadvertently admits that she set up Vin.

Smurf follows Isaiah and shoots him in the stomach. Before she shoots him in the head, she tells him her name is Smurf.

J is looking at the gun Smurf gave him. He looks out the patio door at the Codys. Smurf has her purse and looks like she's leaving. J picks up the gun. 

Animal Kingdom
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