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The guys check out the boat they're going to rob then meet at the bar to talk about it. Baz shows up and isn't interested and Craig is mad. Pope agrees to join. 

Baz takes Pope outside and tells him that he believes Smurf killed Catherine and that he's going to take care of it. Pope says he's in with whatever Baz is going to do.

Deran wants Craig to kick Nicky out of the job.

Baz tells Lucy he's going to rip off Smurf.

Pope is at Smurf's place, doesn't say anything but hugs her.

Baz tells Lucy that Smurf killed Catherine.

Deran and Craig visit Smurf and ask her to move the money from the job.

Baz stops to pick up J to help him rob Smurf.

Nicky asks Craig for a gun before Deran calls him to leave.

Baz and J are on the job. J is feeling a bit queasy about it because he knows it's Smurf's unit. 

J and Baz break into Smurf's unit from the unit next door.

Deran and Craig meet with Rafael to do the job, but he's not interested since he has a kid now and is out of the game. They need to find someone who speaks Spanish.

J wants to know why Baz asked him to help. Baz tells J about his experience with Smurf. 

J goes home and Baz returns to the storage unit. At home Smurf is not happy about J not finishing the rent when she gets a phone call and leaves.

Pope meets with Amy at the Orange County Sheriff's Dept fountain. He tells her about his family and his fear that it's going to fall apart. She tells him to unburden himself.

Smurf goes to a motel and zaps Craig's dad.

Pope drops Amy off and there's a guy in front of her house. Pope takes care of business until she tells him it's her brother. Amy doesn't have her son and he drops off the dog she sent. He's not happy. amy wants him to leave, but Pope stays and they have sex.

Craig's dad gives Smurf the combo to the in-room safe, but she finds he spent all her money. She shoots him in the knee.

J watches Baz drive away with the cash.

Marco agrees to go in on the job with Deran and Craig.

Baz is home with Lucy and shows her all the cash he took. 700k.

Smurf goes to her storage unit to put cash in and finds everything gone.









Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Smurf: How are you doing with your homework?
J: I'm doing enough not to flunk out.
Smurf: That's not the homework I'm talking about.

We need Baz.