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Pope and Smurf are watching surveillance tapes from Javi's break in while J gets his gun ready.

Craig and Deran talk about jobs while Smurf is trying to get hold of them. They ignore her calls.

Smurf demands Pope go get his brothers because they're not answering their phones. He reluctantly leaves. Baz picks up Nicky. She tells him she gave Javi his number. Nicky gets home and visits with J.

Smurf wants to talk to J and sends Nicky away. They go into the garage where the other guys are. Smurf tells the story of Javi and Manny. Is Smurf telling the truth? 

She wants them to help deal with Javi in a murderous way. Deran isn't into at all. He lashes out at Smurf.

She's trying to manipulate them by using J. Deran suggests they all go and talk away from Smurf. J tells them that he knew about Javi. J stands up for himself against Deran. As if Deran would be able to deal with what happened to J. What a jerk.

Craig and Deran want to opt out. Pope defends her and Baz come up with a plan to move the body. Baz tells Smurf what they're going to do.  They tell her they want her to pay them to do the job. She's highly upset about it. 

Baz wants Pope to take point because of the cop pulling him over about Catherine. He tells Pope about a bank account Catherine had that hasn't been touched. Baz thinks she's dead.

Nicky is going to call her dad then changes her mind when Craig comes in. He gives her Oxy. Nicky is torn between Craig and J.

Baz talks to J to ask about Javi. Pope talks to Smurf about the cops stopping Baz about Catherine.

Deran complains about doing stuff for Smurf who offers to make them scrambled eggs. She wants Deran to take J and Nicky with him. 

Baz drops Lena off at a friend's house.Javi calls Baz.

Deran, Craig, Nicky and J are at the bar to pick up the tools.

Pope and Smurf are driving talking about Catherine's body.

Nicky wants to know what's going on and what the tools are for. He tells her about the gun she found.

Craig and Deran talk about growing up with Smurf when Niko drops off the keys to the truck. Meanwhile, J is showing Nicky how to shoot a gun. Craig watches them from the doorway and then tells them to put the gun away.

Smurf and Pope arrive at the house where they buried the body.

Baz is at the beach meeting with Javi. He wants to know what Smurf said about his dad. He tells Baz that Smurf shot his dad in the back of the head. They make a deal...whatever it is is unclear.

Baz comes back to tell them the deal he made with Javi. He wants 250,000. Nicky wants to hear what's going on, but Smurf sends her away to spend the night somewhere else. 

Baz asks Smurf again where she got the 300,000 which she said she got from her savings. She claims she has no more money. She wants to use the church money. Baz agrees to give her the money but she needs to pay them back even if she has to sell the house.

J and Pope arrive at the house and jump the fence while Deran and Craig tell the homeowner there's a gas leak in the area.

Pope talks to J about killing Javi and says it's a bad idea though he understands that J wants to do it. 

Craig and Deran get into the house and let Pope and J in. Meanwhile, Baz and Smurf drive to the drop off point.

The boys are in the basement getting ready to look for the body. They break into the concrete and find body.

Baz arrives at the drop off point. Javi wants to talk to Smurf. 

Back at the house, the boys start removing the bones. The skeleton is missing a foot. There's a crowd of people outside the house. Pope finds the second foot and they start heading out.

Smurf gets out of the car to talk with Javi. Baz tries to get him to leave, but he stays and Smurf starts talking.

Javi pulls out a gun and his man shoots him in the head. Smurf gives the man the money and has another 50 grand for the guy hidden and gives him the address. So Smurf got what she wanted and that was for Javi to die.

The guys get out of the house.

Baz stops and starts yelling at Smurf that killing Javi was a bad thing. Smurf calms him down. Baz says that Javi was like family and Smurf says like family isn't family but then realizes what she said and then tells Baz he is family, but how far is Smurf willing to go. She will step over family to save herself.

By the beach Pope is putting the bones in acid when Smurf and Baz show up. The boys cleaned up Smurf's mess and only Baz knows about Javi right now. Smurf throws the gun into the ocean while Pope burns the bones. Pope realizes something is wrong. 









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