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J is doing some shooting exercises under the direction of Smurf.

Deran breaks into a truck and steals it from an airport parking garage.

Lucy stops by Baz's place to pick up money and then leaves. He wants her to come back tonight because he's busy doing stuff.

Pope is at the church and helps bring boxes into storage for Amy. 

Smurf is packing Deran's things up. She gives J his room.

Craig wakes up in the bar and comes down to talk to Deran. He's upset because Deran is still doing the church job and he quit.

Smurf shows up at the bar with a box of Deran's stuff but is kidnapped before she gets in there. It's Manny's people. She's acting all cool about it and lays down in the back of the van and goes to sleep.

The boys meet up at Baz's place and gear up for the job. 

The van arrives at a location. Javier is there and they take all of her stuff. She offers 8 grand a month for them to leave. She says she paid Manny 5 grand a month to leave her and her family alone. Javier says he wants 300 grand by the next day or the cops get the tapes of Manny talking about all the jobs Smurf did. They take off and leave Smurf there.

Craig is at smurf's house with Nicky. She wants to know why he's not helping with the job. She's worried. Craig leaves.

Smurf is walking and has no idea where she's at. The road is empty, mountains on both sides, whichever way she goes.

Baz and J arrive at the service. Pope is already there. Amy joins him. Baz and J get into the music with everyone else. Everyone is getting a phone call from Smurf and they all ignore her. If everyone is gone, who's with Lena?

A truck comes down the road and Smurf hitches a ride.

The preacher at church says they've raised more than 300 grand. The service is over and the guys leave and do their thing. Baz and J get into the vents. Pope seals them in.

Craig is at a bar while the boys are on the job. The preacher comes in with the cash to put in the safe. He closes it up and leaves. Baz and J move. Pope is back in the study room with Amy. 

Amy wants Pope to come back to her place for dinner. Pope wants to know what Amy meant when she said she'd reward him later.

Craig shows up at the church and makes a scene. Deran leaves and crashes into another car to distract the security guard.J is stuck and can't move because he was stuck on a piece of metal. Baz pulls him down into the room and they get to work. Deran switches out vans and goes back to the church.

J and Baz work on getting the safe out. The security guard has one of the workers check out the inventory room. Baz and J get the safe out and they get away before getting caught. The worker gets into the room and is stupefied.

The boys are at the place where they switched vans and are trying to break the safe open. Craig is riding his motorcycle like a crazy person. The safe opens and they get the cash. J crashes into the sand by a beach party.

Deran takes a look at J's leg. Deran gets the first aid kit and they are going to cauterize it on the spot. Instead J decides to use a medical staple gun. He's being a good kid. Deran says "Welcome to the family."

Pope is at Amy's house. Her roommate leaves and Pope and Amy are alone. They start kissing, but Pope is a little reluctant. Then she starts undressing and he joins her. They don't really have sex, they play a game of no touching.

Deran gets to the bar looking for Craig, but Craig is passed out on the beach. The cops arrive. J is in the shower and Nicky sees his leg. She offers to help him. Smurf gets a ride to the bar. Pope overhears Amy being upset about the stolen money. Baz gets back to his place and hides the money and joins Lucy in bed.

Smurf is at home and wakes up J to ask him about his gun. Smurf has it. She tells him that once he decides to shoot to keep shooting. It's weird. 



Animal Kingdom
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