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Pope leaves and goes somewhere.

J tells Nicky about Javi and then they kiss with Craig in the other room,

Pope is in Smurf's room and tells her he's not going to let Baz take the fall for Catherine. She tries to get him into bed with her, but he walks out.

Baz tells Lucy he thinks Smurf has been skimming off their jobs. Pope shows up and Lucy leaves. He's looking for Lena who is at Disney Land with a neighbor.

After Lucy leaves, Pope tells Baz about being talked to by the investigators of the church robbery.

Craig is taking Nicky to school. She wants to know why Craig is dressed up. He tells her about how he's setting up the job. He wants to be part of the job.

The guy Deran is having sex with is the business guy from the business association. He still wants his money.

Pope is at Bible study with Amy when detectives show up asking for Amy. Pope asks Amy what the detectives wanted. They are questioning a member of the church, an ex-con, and she asks Pope to go with her to talk to him because they can't get hold of him.

Smurf is making loads when Baz comes with motion sensors. She tells him a story about Pope when he was younger and thought the cops were tapping all the phones.

Baz goes in the house and puts the tracking on Smurf's phone.

At the boat, Craig is talking to a coworker and finds out information about different cruises.

Smurf shows J how to make loads.  She asks him how mad the boys are at her. He tells his own story about when he was younger. 

Craig does some investigating of the ship, taking pictures as he goes along. He almost gets caught but offers the guy a bottle and he takes it.

Amy and Pope arrive at Leon's place. She tries to tell him to talk to the cops. She lets Pope talk to him and they talk business. Leon is afraid of blowing his parole. Pope tells him what to do to get the drugs out of his system.

Lena gets back from Disneyland and the lady who was babysitting tells Baz a cop was waiting to ask Lena questions about his relationship with Catherine.

Baz questions Lena about the cop when his phone goes off and he sees where Smurf is.

Craig and Deran are surfing. Craig tells him they need to go to the house as they put in the new security system. Craig tells him about the boat's engine room. Deran is concerned about Javi's murder.

Baz shows up at the storage facility. He finds out how long she's had the facility and the unit number.

J has a new girlfriend and flaunts her in front of Nicky.

Baz goes to Smurf's unit and does a camera check. He sees the safe.

Pope comes home to discover cops in his house. They are looking through the house. Pope is cool about it. 

Deran has a date with the surf board fixer guy.

Pope watches the cops leave then removes all the church checks from under the pier.

Nicky barges in on J who is in the bathroom. She's upset about Shannon. Nicky tells him about the job Craig is planning.  

Pope breaks into Leon's truck and puts the checks in there.

Baz looks for Smurf wanting to know where the money is. Lena comes into the room and as they're playing Baz grabs her keys.

Pope gets to the house to help out. Nicky asks Smurf if she needs help and she sends her away. Then Smurf brings out a monetary gift for everyone to thank them for helping her.

She wants to launder money through her business and Baz says he'll think about it.

Baz meets with his private investigator and he learns that Cat was a confidential informant.

Nicky is getting informaiton on parties happening at the boat when J walks by and he ignores her.

Deran is having drinks with the surfer fixer dude. He tells the guy he's going to go legit soon, but the guy asks if Deran thinks his brothers will let him.

J is sitting outside when Smurf comes out and lights up.

Pope learns from Amy that Leon was busted for having the church checks.

Baz is waiting for Pope when he gets home. Pope tells him about the cops making an arrest for the church. Baz tells Pope that Smurf has been skimming from their jobs since 2004. He also tells him about Cat being a CI. Baz thinks Smurf killed Cat.






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