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Smurf is drinking in J's bed when he comes out of the shower. She tells him that someone robbed her storage unit. She wants to know if he told anyone. She doesn't believe him when he says no.

Baz is in his storage unit taking more cash. He get t his car safely.

Craig rents a boat. Nicky is with him when he runs into Wren who warns Craig about him. Nicky is going to drive the boat.

Deran is at the bar when Pope comes banging on the door. Pope tells him he didn't sleep. He's not happy that they brought Marco in on the job. or Nicky.

J goes to Baz's place before heading to the job. He confronts Baz about stealing Smurf's storage unit. Baz won't tell him how much only that it belongs to all of them. Baz didn't tell J it was Smurf's unit because he didn't know if he could trust J. Then he says he can now and gives him the kiss of death: "We're family."

Smurf asks the storage unit security guard about Baz. He identifies him and says that no one was with him. The guy never saw J. She tazes him one last time. 

Craig and the others talk about the final details of the heist. Pope is still not happy about Marco because he's acting like a fool.

Baz texts Smurf that he can't take Lena to the babysitter, but he's sitting outside the house. After she leaves, he goes into the garage and gets the gun she hides in the fridge.

Meanwhile, the yacht is cruising along. Craig is working serving people champagne a the reception.

Nicky calls the coast guard while Craig takes care of business in the engine room. 

Baz goes somewhere in the hills with a satchel. Could it be near the same place Pope buried Catherine? He starts digging and finds a body.

Smurf is at Baz's place snooping. She puts bugs all over his place. 

In the hills, Baz continues to dig. It's Javi's body and he shoots the head with the gun from the fridge.

Nicky gets saved by the coast guard who's going to tow the boat back to the marina. Meanwhile, Deran and team are on the jet skis ready to take over the boat. They board it and start the heist.

Marco goes a little wild on Craig and some of the passengers.It gets so bad he snaps the finger off the mother of the bride for the ring.

At the dock, Pope and Marco get in each other's face about the job. Marco leaves.

Baz takes Lucy to a house he bought for them. They go inside and he shows her all the money he stole from Smurf. Suitcases full hidden in a wall he built.

J arrives home with all the jewelry he got from the heist. Smurf is there and looks at the treasures. The finger is there too with the ring on it. Smurf puts it in the garbage disposal.

J says he's going to the bar and instead goes to his old neighbor's place. Apparently, he's been bringing her groceries and stuff. He stashes some of the jewelry in her bathroom where he's been storing money and other stuff.

The guys are gathered in the bar talking about the job when J shows up.  The guys start drinking like crazy. Nicky too. Everyone is at a table except for Pope. Then the idiots decide to take a picture of themselves to send to Baz. Craig asks what's up with Pope. He says he's out and then congrats Craig on a job well done.

Deran is Tindering gay friends while Craig is snorting coke. he sees Ja and Nicky being overly friendly. He's not too upset. Deran's Tinder dude shows up at the bar.

Pope shows up at Amy's place. Amy knows there's something wrong. 

Nicky gets sick in the bar and J walks in on Deran and his friend. Awkward.

Craig shows up at Renn's place. She's got a gun on him. He invites her to Vegas.

Baz gets the picture from his brothers as he and Lucy leave the house. In the car he tells her he thinks he should call it and move down to Mexico. She thinks he's running away from Smurf, but he wants to be with Lucy.







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Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

She's beautiful. Congratulations.


J: How much?
Baz: A lot. She's been stealing from us for years.
J: You gonna tell the others.
Baz: Well, that money belongs to all of us. Even you. We're family.
J: You should've told me while we were doing it, Baz.
Baz: Well, I didn't know if I could trust you. I guess we're going to find out now.