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Mia is at a hotel with J. She brings him coffee. 

Smurf is cleaning house. It's therapy. J comes home and finds Smurf preparing dinner. She asks about Mia and about her Jaguar. He apologizes for smarting off to her the last time he saw her in jail. She questions him about the books and then asks about the weed heist. Then she orders him to hold a meeting with his uncles. Morgan arrives.

Deran and Craig are dirt biking.

Lucy meets Pope at Baz's place and confronts him about Smurf's return.

Deran gets it on with Adrian. Billy shows up and introduces himself to Adrian. 

Morgan has legal papers to revoke J's power of attorney over the family's affairs. J is not happy.

Billy and Deran talk about Smurf. Deran decided not to go to the meeting. Billy isn't happy that J is safekeeping the money from the weed heist. He asks Deran for money, and Deran gives him some, but not a lot.

The guys are at the house for the meeting. She tells them if she wants to launder their money from the weed heist, they need to give her 20 percent to do it.

Smurf brings up the stolen money. Craig has no clue what she's talking about. She blames Lucy for stealing the money. She tells them it was 7 million dollars. She tells them if they get the money back, they'll get a cut immediately.

Mia is at work when her boss tells her not to make collections from the Codys anymore and she's ordered to stay away from them. 

Billy shows up at the house. He's hesitant to go in and climbs over a wall. Smurf sees it on her camera and goes outside to greet him.They chit chat.

The boys (included Deran) meet to talk about Smurf's proposal. Deran doesn't want to have anything to do with it. Pope doesn't think Lucy took the money. They're willing to give Smurf 15% to do it. J tells them they all need to go to the cemetery tomorrow for Baz.

Smurf makes Billy a martini and chit chat some more. He lies of course. She asks about Frankie. They flirt like crazy, and she invites him to her bedroom.

Deran and Craig are at the bar. Someone's in there. They grab weapons. Someone is injured with a bullet hole. They're the guys from his car job. They hit the job that Deran told him about. Craig goes home to get the first aid kit.

Smurf and Billy are done. Smurf wants to know what she wants from J, but Billy isn't giving up. Smurf figures it out that it was about the money and she starts asking questions about the job. She figures it all out and tells him she wants him to make Deran see her.

So Smurf is manipulating Billy for $100 bill.

Craig comes back with Link to help out. Link is questioning what's going on.

J is back home and updates Smurf on the talks. He tells her that they don't want to have anything to do with the Lucy job. He gives her some of his share from the job, and she asks questions. J spills the beans. 

Craig and company get the kid into the car and the other kid takes him to Mexico.

Deran is pissed at Craig for involving Link. Billy shows up as the guys are cleaning up the blood from the carpet. Billy tells Deran to go see Smurf. He's not interested.

The cops show up at Baz's place. They're coming to take her away from Pope. Pope is pissed and very upset about the situation. he talks to her.

Smurf shows up at the beach to talk to Deran. She tries to convince him to do the Lucy job but he's not interested.

J is back at the hotel. Mia shows up. He's not spending the night but allows Mia to stay there because the room is paid for.

Smurf shows up at the auto place with a bottle of booze to talk the head guy. She gives him some money as a down payment. She's hiring him to go to Mexico to get Lucy.

Everyone shows up at the cemetery. She gives a speech about Baz. It's a bullshit speech. She tells them she bought them all burial plots including J's mom so they'll all be together forever. 














Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Lucy: Pope! Smurf's out. She's going to say I killed Baz, and I took her money and come after. You can't expect me to sit back and do nothing.
Pope: I'll deal with it.
Lucy: If you don't, I will.

What I said to you the last time at the jail? I was under a lot of pressure.