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J is cleaning up the blood from the garage. Deran and Billy are following the guy for the weed heist. Billy instigates Deran about J and his control of the family.

Pope and Craig are doing their own reconnaissance and talking about Billy and Deran.

J is cleaning himself up. Someone is at the door. It's Nicky's dad who came to get her stuff. He tells J that they found heroin in her system. Mia shows up and starts listening. She's got a gun. Nicky's dad is pissed when Mia goes into the room to ask if everything is okay.

Mia wants to know what's going on and J kicks her out.

Pope and Craig meet up with Deran and Billy to talk about the reconnaissance and more details about the job. The money is moved on an airplane. Back at the bar, the guys discuss the job. Billy doesn't want J to be in on the job. Pope is pissed. Deran gives him money for a cab. Pope get a phone call from Lucy who wants him to come to Mexico today because it's about Baz.

Pope lies about the phone call and tells Craig that he's gotta go see his parole officer.

Pope goes back into the bar to talk to Deran about the job. He tells Deran that Colby from the car job is waiting outside. Deran goes out to talk to him. Colby wants to know about another job. He tells Colby he's got another opportunity for them and tells him about that job.

J is talking to Smurf's lady lawyer. Billy comes in asking him where he was. The lawyer makes threats.

Garcia gives Smurf a knife because the girl she framed wants revenge. Smurf tells Garcia to keep the girl away from her.

Craig talks to Billy. Frankie is there. Craig wants Billy to help him with an errand for the job.

J goes to the bar about the job and to talk about Nicky's dad showing up.

Pope is in Mexico to meet with Lucy. 

The girl Smurf set up shows up in her cell and the guards walk away.

Craig, Billy and Frankie rip off a car.

Pope visits with some Mexicans who tell him about Baz's death. He learns that Smurf was behind it.

Smurf visits with Pearce. She's all beat up. She thinks Pearce was behind the cellmate move. Smurf is about to make a deal to give up her boys.

Lucy and Pope talk about what the guy said. Pope tells her he thinks she killed Baz. Pope doesn't think it's Smurf.

Deran is having beers with a friend. He asks about Smurf being in prison. He seems to know a lot about Smurf. Adrian shows up and introduces himself to Clark. Adrian can tell there's something going on. Awkward.

Mia shows up at the house asking questions. She gives J information about Nicky and tells J that payment is double this week. He tells Mia to tell Pete he doesn't have the money.

Craig, Frankie and Billy are on the beach. Billy goes off to do something and Frankie starts telling Craig about herself. She tells Craig he has an interesting aura, She's flirting with him big time, and of course he's going to go for it. They start making out.

Clark starts asking Deran about Adrian who figures out that Adrian have something going on.

J visits with Smurf. She's pissed. J lays down the law. He's just as pissed.

Mia is at work closing up. J shows up. He starts making out with her. What kind of game is he playing?

Smurf meets with Pearce to work out details of their deal. She doesn't want his deal.

Craig meets up with some guy in the alley to get a truck. Deran shows up at Adrian's place to talk about Clark. They start kissing.

It's time for Smurf's trial. She won't be changing out of her prison uniform apparently. The guard just leaves her sitting in the hallway. She's being released. WTH.

All the guys meet up including Frankie to start the job.

Pearce gives Smurf a ride. 







Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You piece of shit.

Nicky's Dad

Craig: We're moving pretty fast for something this complicated. Deran's smart and all, but he isn't fast.
Pope: We'll be fine as long as he doesn't let Billy get into his head.
Craig: He's a dope fiend. He's not exactly Osama bin Laden.