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Pope is watching Billy and his girlfriend hanging out in the pool. He's about to take Lena to school and asks J if he needs to move back in here. He doesn't think J has it covered.

Pope goes out to the pool when he sees Billy wearing his shorts. Billy takes them off right in front of him. Pope asks the real reason he's there.

Deran and the hospital dude are doing it in the back room of the bar. Afterwards, they start talking. Deran has no interest in going out. He feels guilty.

Nicky is in bed alone. She gets up and downstairs to the kitchen. J is there and she apologizes to him. She wants to know what their relationship is but he just walks away.

Craig is surfing but nobody wants to surf with him.

J loses his tail.

Craig meets up with some guys on the beach. He learns that Smurf is no longer sponsoring a surf team because J won't give them money.

Nicky is cleaning the house while J is getting money orders at different currency exchanges and putting them in the glove box.

He thinks he's being smart but Pearce has been following him and watching what he's doing.

Mia is in the house. She goes into Nicky's purse when she's not around and hears Nicky crying in the bathroom. She talks to Nicky who's very depressed.

Mia is leaving and runs into Pope. He tells her he's driving her to work. 

Back at the bar, some guy comes in looking for him. A guy comes in looking for an unemployment insurance that he hasn't been paying.

Pope is asking Mia a bunch of questions. He tells her to crash somewhere else.

Craig comes to the house looking for J. Billy is there and starts talking to him. Craig tells Billy about the surf sponsoring stuff and Billy learns that Craig hasn't visited Smurf in jail.

Pearce visits Smurf to talk about J. He knows about the money orders.

Deran comes in and asks J about unemployment insurance. He tells J that he's been paying his employees cash and J learns that Deran never filed income taxes and that he needs help with his payroll.

J gets a call from Smurf. She wants him to visit him immediately.

Billy and the girlfriend are closely watching J and Deran.

Nicky calls her dad. She tells him she wants to go to Guam. 

Craig visits Smurf in jail. She asks about Billy and Craig lies about Billy and Deran. Smurf tells him the truth about the surf contest money. It's a payoff from Craig nearly killing the guy's brother. Then Craig asks why she put J in charge.

Nicky has her bags packed and walks out the door. 

J visits Smurf and she gives him orders.

Deran walks to the bar and sees Billy sitting.

Billy tries to make friends with Billy. Deran tells Billy he's gay and Billy makes himself looks stupid as he continues talking. Then he asks Deran why J is in charge and says Deran should be in charge.

J visits a tenant to make sure she knows what she's supposed to say if someone comes asking about rent.

Nicky gets a call from her dad while she's at the train or airport. He isn't interested in having her come back home. 

J is still talking with tenants about rent.

Pope is at the jail to talk to the person looking after Smurf in prison. He finds out that Mia doesn't work for her. She tells Pope that Mia is dangerous.

Lena is at school looking at a group of kids. She has a knife behind her back.

J goes to Deran's bar and tells him there's a problem. They go out back and talk to the woman who can't remember how much she's supposed to say she pays in rent. J thinks the best way to get rid of the problem is to kill her. 

Craig shows up at the house and Billy's girlfriend is in the pool naked smoking pot. Craig goes to his bedroom and finds an envelope full of cash.

Pope is called into the school and the principal tells him she needs counseling. Apparently Lena cut a girls hair. Pope freaks out when he gets back in the car. 

J and Deran are driving the woman around talking about the bar.

Craig goes to the surf shop and gives money to the guy. 

Deran and J take the woman somewhere and put her on a bench. She has no clue what she's doing or why. Then they leave her there.

Nicky goes back home and sees Billy lighting up some heroin. 

Craig meets up with Deran and J who are cleaning up the woman's car. 

Pope asks J where he's been. He thinks J's lying. Pope tells J he knows about Mia.

Deran grabs a couple of beers and goes out to the pool.

Pope sees Mia come in. He just shakes his head, grabs Lena and heads out. He's not happy.

J gets a call from Smurf and doesn't answer it. He goes into bed with Nicky and cuddles up next to her. 

Billy and Mia eye eachother as she turns off the lights.





Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Craig: Why'd you put J in charge?
Smurf: What makes you think J's in charge?

You know the best thing about a pool Pope? You don't have to take a shower.