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Baz is in the street being treated by paramedics and then taken to the hospital. He's still alive at the moment. Smurf is in jail. Pope is taking a shower then walks through the house. He checks on Lena and tries to wake her up. J is in bed with Nicky.

They are still working on Baz in the hospital. He's bleeding out. Craig is with Renn on a beach somewhere. 

Deran is at the bar making something to eat.

Baz is crashing. He's dead.

Pearce arrives at the shooting scene. 

Pope arrives home. There are a couple of cops waiting for him. He gets out of the car to meet them. They ask him if he knows Barry Blackwell (Baz) and they tell him what happened.

Nicky is still sleeping and Pope wakes her up looking for J. J is ot running, but Pope finds him and orders him to get in the car. He tells J the bad news. 

All the brothers except Craig are at the bar talking about Baz's death. Pope finally realizes Craig isn't there and asks about him. He's concerned that Javi's friends are going to go after Baz. He also asks about Lucy.

Smurf is playing cards with her friends when she's called out because someone is there to see her. It's Pearce.

He tells her the news about Baz, and she's genuinely upset. It's heartbreaking. She tells them what she knows about Lucy, but she doesn'thave a lot of information.

Two thugs show up at Baz's place and look at the empty walls. 

Pope is preparing for battle. he gives everyone guns. He tells the rest of the guys that homicide cops want to question them. He tells them they are going to cooperate.

Pope thinks that maybe it might have been Smurf who killed Baz. Deran suggests maybe it was the cops. Pope asks J about going to the desert with Smurf when Javi was killed.

Dearn then suggest that Lucy may have been part of it. They're wondering where she is. Nicky asks about Lena, wondering if she'll end up in foster care. Pope gets pissy and tells her Lena won't be going to foster care.

Deran asks about a funeral for Baz. They are all in shock.

Smurf gets a visit from a bad guy who tells her that the money wasn't there. Everything is gone. Could it be possible that Smurf was behind Baz's death? The guy is concerned about their arrangement and that she won't be able to keep paying him.

Pope asks J where Baz might have hidden the money, but J has no idea. They head over to the police station.

Nicky thinks she's going but Pope says no until J tells him she can't stay by herself under the circumstances. Pope ells Deran to keep trying to reach Craig.

Pope goes to the spot where Baz was shot and sees the blood stain on the concrete.

J visits Smurf. She pretends she's upset and actually tells J that Baz was his father. Is that shocking?

She wants to know what he told the police and then asks about the money and whether he knew about it and where Baz put the stuff. She doesn't believe him and is upset that he doesn't know anything.

Pope shows up at the jail and asks J why he's there. He doesn't believe that Smurf is truly upset about Baz. He wants J in the car with him. It's a little creepy and scary. They go to pick up Lena from school and end up at the beach.

Pope is sitting on a swing with Lena and tells her that her dad took a trip and might never be coming back. She's scared that she might have to move. He tells her that he's going to stay at her house with her so she doesn't have to move. He's crying about it all. She's taking the news very well for such a young kid.

They arrive back home and see a strange car in the driveway. Pope goes to investigate. It's Lucy. Pope gets right down to business and asks her if she was there.

Lena hears that Baz is dead. J didn't stay in the car with her like Pope told him. He's pissed.

Craig is having a good time with Renn. A couple of guys are watching her dance and making comments in Spanish. He's getting pissed, and while she tries to calm him down, he goes to their table and offers them a drink.

They leave but start fighting. Craig doesn't want to leave, but Renn insists. Craig's phone is beeping. There are a million messages about Baz. He tells Renn the news.

Pope is in J's bedroom being creepy. He tells him he's going to find out who killed his brother and then kill him or her.

Craig is back home asking about the funeral. He wants to know who shot him. He's also upset about there being an autopsy.

Deran starts crying and Pope is trying to hold it together. J just stands by watching. Lucy is in the kitchen with Lena, Nicky and Renn.

Pearce visits with Smurf again. She doesn't seem very cooperative. Pearce wants her to give up the boys. He tells her what kind of deal he'll make with her. She listens. He wants Pope in for a long time because he's dangerous to society. 

He tells her that if she doesn't cooperate, he's going to get the boys to "roll on each other."

Lucy talks to Pope and actually apologizes about Lena. He wants answers from her. He's suspicious of her. She claims she loved Baz and always had and that it was Smurf who kept them apart. He doesn't look like he believes her.

J is at the beach when he is approached by guy who visited J at the jail. He gives them money for the payoff of whatever it is.

Deran and Craig are at the beach, too. Craig tells Deran he's going to go to Mexico with Renn. The others show up. They're paying to tribute to Baz by surfing in his memory. It's sweet. They all have leis on and then throw them into the ocean. There are others there too, other friends of the family.

It's a fitting tribute.

Back in her cell, Smurf is thinking, but what is she thinking about?


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