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J and Nicky are having sex and Nicky isn't feeling it.  Nicky gets up when J goes to shower and finds Mia on the couch. Wheels are turning.

Smurf is in a lawyer meeting. The district attorney isn't cooperating.

J and Nicky are driving and being followed. She asks about the job and J is being cutting her out. Then she finally asks a question about Mia. J feeds her some bullshit. 

Smurf is talking to her lawyer and she's not happy.

Nicky makes breakfast for all the guys. Mia shows up and everyone goes silent. Pope isn't happy. They make Nicky leave while they question J about Mia. When Nicky comes back the guys leave to the garage to talk. She's not happy and feeling left out.

Deran is concerned about the tail and J tries to assure him, but Deran isn't convinced.

Pope starts questioning J about Mia and why he invited her to the house right before a job. Yet, he stil supports J and is going to trust him to get the job done.

When Nicky goes back int the house she starts going through Mia's bag.

The guys head out on the job.

J and Deran head out in one car while Pope and Craig head out in another. The tail is there and starts following them right away.

Craig and Pope head out without a tail.

Deran asks J about Mia and he tells her that he hooked up with her. They stoop and the tail is on them. They contact Craig and Pope who are on the move.

They're doing this job in daylight. Brazen. Pope does surveillance and J and Deran make their move while the tail is watching. Deran causes a distraction via an accident and Craig and Pope do their business. There's also a distraction at the bank thanks to J.

The owners of the place call some other guys when they realize they're being targeted, but Pope and Craig are in the middle. Meanwhile, in the bank, the tail is arrested because he has a gun. The other guys are coming also.

They pull it off with all the cops around. When the other guys show up, they aren't too keen on going into the place with all the cops. J's plan worked.

Nicky is doing some surveillance of her own. She's found Mia's place of employment. Mia catches her and comes out to see why she's there.

Pearce shows up at the scene and he notices the store across the street and goes to investigate. Pearce figures out that the Cody boys were responsible.

The boys open up the safe and Deran tells J that he did a good job. J gives them some cash but they aren't happy with what he gives them.

Nicky and Mia are at a restaurant talking. Mia is being completely open with her. Nicky tells Mia how her and J met. It's sort of sweet, but Nicky is so damn dumb.

When the guys get home they see a strange car in the driveway. It's Deran's dad, Billy. Deran is just like WTF.

Nicky won't shut up while Mia's phone keeps going off. She's feeding Nicky drinks and Nicky spills all the secrets. Stupid. Then she asks Mia about her and J when a Marine shows up and starts flirting with Nicky.

J puts all the money in a safe at home.

Deran and the guys are talking to Billy. Deran leaves and Billy follows him to try to talk to him some more. Deran isn't that interested and leaves.

Stupid Nicky is at a table with the Marine while Mia watches. Her phone goes off again and she answers. She reports to the other person on the phone that she heard some interesting Cody stuff.

Pope is suspicious about Billy and his girlfriend. He tells Craig and J some stuff and then tells J to get rid of him.

Nicky is having sex with the Marine as Mia watches and then leaves.

She goes back to her hangout and goes inside. She finds a gun and puts it in her pants and takes some other stuff before leaving. She gets busted as she heads out the door.

One of the guys who Deran stole cars with is at the bar waiting for him. He wants more work. Then someone else shows up. It's the guy from the hospital. He brought Craig a signed hat.  He starts telling the guy about his day and his dad. The Derans asks him to get drunk and the guy agrees.

Pope tells Lena that after school she's to go by someone's house because he's got to work. She's cool with it. Pope feels guilty.

J and Nicky have sex and then J leaves to go see Smurf. Then dumb Nicky tells J that she had sex with some other guy. He doesn't have a response, but when he gets in the car the frustration comes out.

Pope comes into the house and Billy and his girlfriend are still there. He's not happy. He wakes up Craig and starts yelling about the guy and them letting him stay. Then he sees that Craig took some pills from the pill mill.

He goes outside and investigates Bill's trunk and car. He finds all sorts of interesting stuff.

Smurf talks with J. He tells her about the job. She tells him to go see the lawyer. J tells Smurf about Billy and she goes all crazy and tells him to get him out immediately.

Pope sees Billy's girlfriend naked before she steps into the shower.



Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

What we do is hard enough without relationship problems. She'll ruin your life.

Deran [to J]

If J can spot a tail, I sure as hell can.